Every year thousands of people up-sticks and head to the mountains or beaches to work as seasonairs – working in resorts in order to live the dream. So few of us have the chance to live in areas ideal for our chosen sport that spending a season there, perhaps not even earning that much money, is something well worth doing.

I myself have done this, working as a chef in the French Alps for a mountain bike guiding company. It was a fantastic experience, being able to ride every day, whilst also developing skills and experience.

And its the experience which makes people do this, not the money.

We heard about a job based in Panama, and felt it was worth mentioning too. Panama Surf Camp are looking for carpenters, masons or electricians who are also into their surfing, to come and help build new lodges in their surf camp. In exchange for 4 hours work per day, you get to live out in Panama, surfing some great waves! Panama Surf Camp are keen for anyone with relevant skills to get in touch, and are ready for you to start whenever…