Word of Mouth Suggestions and Winners so far

The suggestions are coming in and the word of mouth guide is building – over 200 places have been recommended by people like you since we kicked this off – and we have been giving things away all over the place. Here’s a quick round up of progress so far:

Jon suggested the Torrent Bunk Barn near Snowden, Wales and won himself 2 ice climbing sessions in London or Manchester with Ellis Brigham.

Adele suggested Hostel Cobreu in Salvador, Brazil and won herself a Picture Organic Clothing t shirt. So did Sue a few weeks ago for suggesting Hunger Hill Yurts in Devon, though she kindly asked the t-shirt go back in the draw, so we have one more to give away!

All look like great places. You can get in direct contact with them already, and we have got in touch to check them out further.

Simon didn’t even suggest anywhere and won the snowboarding hol with Riders Refuge (he entered through our partners Goneboarding) – 7 days accommodation, food and transfers for him, and half price for a mate, anytime from 20th March. We are expecting March snow to be epic (according to the yocals anyway), so look forward to seeing him out here!

Everyone else, despair not! Loads more things STILL TO WIN…

Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions so far, you are still in the draw for the next prizes. We are giving away another ski/board holiday on the 14th March. We’ve also got indoor ice climbing sessions with Ellis Brigham and more t-shirts to hand out. And with summer coming we have now sorted a surf holiday and are working on mountain bike hols too!

To enter the draw for them all, just share your top tip… Who to stay with? Who to use as a guide? Where to drink? It will take you 20 seconds!

Lets build up the word of mouth adventure sports guide that connects you direct to cool local places to stay, guides, instructors, bars and restaurants recommended by people like you.

It’s our own little fight against the bland and impersonal. So if you know a great place to stay or other local business owned by uber-friendly people, then share the word so others can get in touch.

Then of course you get to come back and benefit from other peoples top tips for your next trip. Think ski, surf, climb, bike, kayak, climb and pretty much anything else.

Head over to www.muchbetteradventures.com/joinus. Add your suggestion and ‘be in it to win it’ as Bruce Forsyth used to say.

Looking forward to your suggestion, and give us a shout if you are ever in Morzine,