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Cabin Fever Adventures

Why do we like them?

We like award-winning Cabin Fever Adventures for their dual commitment to quality in terms of experiences and sustainability. Set in breathtaking scenery, Cabin Fever Adventures is sure to guarantee you good food, great service and a very original experience.They have a range of fantastic activities to do in this fabulous part of the world and we can’t wait to get out there ourselves.

Why do we like them?

The Dive Surf Club is fantastically located on thebeautiful islands of Galapagos on the coast of Ecuador. Here you can dive into the depths of the clear blue sea, surf in one of the best spots in South America, trek through the rainforest or simply rewind on the beach, all in a single day.

The Club are keen to maintain the natural beauty of this diverse region for visitors and locals alike and as such earn their place in the muchbetter community.

Relief Riders International

Why do we like them?

We are excited to welcome Alexander Souri’s Relief Rider’s International into the muchbetter community. This multi-award winning and humanitarian-based organisation pioneers a new form of adventure travel in India’s stunning northwestern province. Mixing benevolence with breathtaking adventure, this innovative programme has got it all; passion, emotion, spirituality and excitement. Open to all level’s of riders, this is an opportunity to learn about a new and rich culture in a very unique way.We are not alone in dribbling over this programme, Outside Magazine claims this to be the best adventure-travel experience available in Asia and we couldn’t really put it muchbetter than that.

Slow Adventure
Why do we like them?

Margaret’s Slow Adventure company is a great enterprise set along the dynamic and beautiful Monterey Bay in California. This tour blends exploration and adventure with relaxation and tranquility. If you feel like rewinding and savouring what nature has to offer then look no further.

Slow Adventures offers something for everybody to enjoy and is a fantastic addition to muchbetteradventures.

Green Turtle Lodge
Why do we like them?

The muchbetter team was introduced to Green Turtle on a visit in the summer of 2010, and with sustainability at the heart of the organisation, we are delighted to welcome them into the family.Tom and Jo have created a thriving hub for travellers and volunteers at the Green Turtle Lodge. Situated off the beaten track on a beautiful and secluded beach on the sunny west coast of Ghana, it really is a must-visit for travellers to this marvellous part of the world.

SARL Breathe and Believe
Why do we like them?

Mike and Jude ensure their chalet is muchbetter by maintaining great attention to detail in homely and comfortable accommodation with fabulous hosting.

Situated in a stunning part of Alps with great skiing to be had from the doorstep, this chalet is perfect for families, groups of friends or solo travellers. They also have some great ideas of how to improve their sustainability and we are delighted to have them on board.

Powder N Shine Ltd
Why do we like them?

Powder n’ Shine’s Francesca and Steve have created a fantastic and well respected chalet experience in the stunning location of Reberty in the French Alps.They maintain their charming accommodation with close attention to detail and ensure you eat only the finest meals along with some superb local wines. With big plans in place to improve their sustainability, its fantastic to have them on board.

Ghana Bike and Hike ToursWhy do we like them?

Sam met Kofi in the Summer of 2010 in Ghana and immediately wanted to introduce his bike and hike company into the muchbetter community. Kofi combines genuine social and environmental commitment with an eye for challenging adventures in one of the most stunning and authentic regions of West Africa.Having seen the incredible landscape available to cycle and hike first hand, it certainly gets the muchbetteradventures stamp of approval.

Alpine Infusion
Why do we like them?

Alpine Infusion have a host of the best chalet accommodations on offer in the lush region of Mribel in the French Alps. With some stunning facilities, this is the place to look if you fancy a ski trip in the lap of luxury in the world famous three-valley area.Infusion are keen to constantly improve their operations and it is great to have them on board.

Cromer House Camping BarnWhy do we like them?

Owners Julia and Lance have a fantastically unique set up in the middle of miles and miles of picturesque scenery in Frosterley. The barn is located perfectly for exploring what the charming area has to offer on bikes or walking trips. Accommodating and immaculately maintained with a personal touch, the Cromer House is a home from home that you won’t want to return home from.Oh, and their eco-policies are great too.

Pension Hoffelner

Why do we like them?

Pension Hoffelner is perfectly pitched on a plateau in the Alps with 360 views of the mountains that are truly breathtaking. Joanna & Rob, are excellent hosts and full of endless suggestions for local adventures to be had in the area, including night tobogganing. Accommodating for all ages, they have created a great vibe in this very charming chalet.They have also made leaps and bounds with their sustainability and plan to go even further so we are thrilled to have them in the muchbetter community.


Why do we like them?

Sophies’s OmSki is a passionate, unique and welcoming yoga and ski company based in the stunning Serre Chevalier region in the French Alps. Sophie wants people to have a ski holiday like no other by mixing yoga with off-piste skiing whilst catering for all levels. All in all, this is a great addition to the muchbetter community and one we highly recommend.

Cuban Adventures

Why do we like them?

The passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgable local staff are known to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your trip is enjoyable and memorable.Cuban Adventures offers you a good balance of beach, city, nature and nightlife making them the first stop for any travellers to this fascinating region. With responsibility at the heart of their operations, we are delighted to boast their services.

SharkSky Ecoadventures Galapagos

Why do we like them?

SharkSky have a wide range of unique adventures on offer with fun and enthusiastic staff all dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your time in this Pacific paradise.If you want to get the most out of your trip to the gorgeous Galapagos Islands then look no further. Shark Sky Ecoadventures allow you to discover these magical islands in a unique and exciting way whilst making sure that everything benefits the locals and environment too. A muchbetter way to do the Galapagos indeed!

Ski Hiver

Why do we like them?

With 22 years experience, and over half guest return rates, Melanie and Colin have a fantastic set up in Les Arcs, France. They have great staff, food and accommodation that will have you craving for more. They are also as committed to sustainability as they are to providing you with a ski holiday like no other, so we give them a muchbetter thumbs up.

EcoColors ToursWhy do we like them?

Kenneth and the team at EcoColors have built up an impressive collection of adventure opportunities in Mexico that are perfect for nature lovers and cultural buffs.They offer dynamic activities in an extraordinary and diverse part of the world all with sustainability at the core and we welcome them into the muchbetter community with open arms!

Ballin Temple
Why do we like them?

Tom has an acclaimed set up with plenty of great activities on offer. Whether canoeing, horseback, hiking, fishing or yoga is your thing, you are bound to have a memorable and uplifting time. This operation wears its love of nature on its sleeve and it is most definitely a much better way to experience Ireland at its very best. Talking of sleeves, Tom has some great ideas up his for a range of brilliant ventures and we are delighted to have him on board.

Chalet Roches

Why do we like them?

Rebecca and Andrew are a dedicated and friendly couple with a sublime chalet in the very chic region of St. Gervais Mont Blanc. With over five years experience they provide top class and personal hospitality, brilliant food, with great attention to detail. We are delighted to introduce them to you.

El Nagual – Pousada Artbergue Ltd

Why do we like them?

Erhard and Mariana have created a wonderful ecolodge full of adventures to be had in the heart of the stunning Brazilian rainforest. It is completely self sufficient, boasts a tasty menu of local and organic food and is the perfect hub to explore the forest’s and have some incredible hiking, climbing and kayaking expeditions. Whether you are a thrill seeker or a nature lover, or both, this is the place to come.

OC Wildlife & Beach Tour Inc.

Why do we like them?

Cheri’s walking tour in California is a chance to take the foot off the peddle and is something we think all the family can enjoy. Cheri is renowned for her accommodating and warm hospitality this is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.


Why do we like them?

Colleen’s CycleGreece offers a brilliant way to explore this marvellous country in an active and authentic manner. These are very well planned tours featuring local stops and is an opportunity to see a side of Greece most travellers don’t get to experience. With over a decades experience, great local knowledge and a genuine passion for the area, it really is a muchbetter way to discover this stunning part of the world.

Venture Ski

Why do we like them?

Mark’s Venture Ski is a great hub of luxury chalet’s in the sublime setting of Sainte Foy in France. There has always been amazing off-piste terrain for those more adventurous skiers here and now Venture Ski has accommodation to match the quality of the slopes. They have our mouths watering at the cuisine on offer and with some great plans in the pipeline we are delighted to welcome them to the muchbetter community.

SEE Turtles

Why do we like them?

Brad’s SEE turtles is a fun, interesting and diverse animal adventure project, much like the fabulous locations in which they are based. Anyone who has participated in a turtle conservation project will tell you it is an experience of a lifetime and one that will leave you feeling accomplished and inspired. SEE Turtles is a great organisation built out of genuine passion and commitment for the conservation of one of the worlds most awe-inspiring animals and we are delighted to have them on board.


Meanwhile we will continue to scour the globe for muchbetter adventures, and when we find them, get straight in touch to add to this glorious list.

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