Who is your vote for National Geographic Adventurer of the year?

Voting for the National Geographic Adventurer of the year is now open, and includes a couple of names familiar to all of you following the Adventures with Purpose in our e-mag.

We took a look at the nominees, got hugely inspired, decided to quit work and head off on the muchbetter adventure we have been planning for a while. Don’t worry we wouldn’t do that to you. Well, we would, but not just yet!

So who will you be voting for? It’s an incredible line up of serious athletes, adventurers, explorers and, well, a couple of kids (if they can be called that).

After much intense disagreement here Ed sided with Alex Honnold for some of the most incredible climbing ever seen, Alex and Tom both backed the original Adventurer with Purpose, Ed Stafford, while Sam waxed lyrical about Jessica Watsons sailing feat.

Here is the full list: Find out all about these incredible adventures and cast your vote here.

Jessica Watson sailed the globe singlehandedly before she was even old enough to buy a drink in celebration, which is handly because there aren’t many bars in the middle of the Pacific.

Ed Stafford Walked the Amazon from Source to Sea as you may remember from our feature on this incredible expedition

David de Rothschild sailed a boat made of plastic bottles across the Pacific in one huge eco adventure, as we announced earlier in the year.

Alex Honnold dominated Yosemite in a two week climbing blur which left the climbing world with it’s mouth open.

Matt Moniz, 12, climbed the 50 highest points in the USA this summer, from Denali to Mt Rainer and everything in between. Whats next for him?

Roz Savage became the first woman to row the Pacific single handed. Thats 2 of the 3 biggest oceans done. The Indian is next.

Paddleboarding legend Jamie Mitchell won the race across Hawaiis Molokai Channel for the ninth year in succession.

Martin Wikelski has been tracking animal animal migrations across the world, helping us to predict tsunamis and earthquakes among other fascinating things.

Edurne Pasabn became one of the first women to climb the worlds 14 8000 metre peaks.

Leven Brown and his 4 man team smashed a 114 year record in rowing across the Atlantic at double speed.

Photos: above – Ed Stafford Walking in the Amazon; above right – Alex Honnold in Yosemite by Corey Rich, Aurora.