When you think of Kilimanjaro you may think that you havent aptitude to climb to the dizzying summit of 5895 metres above sea level.

You are wrong! Of course you need a reasonable fitness level but its the planning that you do before hand that makes all the difference between a successful and non successful climb. Choosing the right Kilimanjaro climb provider is essential.

Here are the 5 essential tips; The dos and donts:

The Price Is Right.

It is difficult to give the exact prices you may face when booking a tour provider due to the amount of variables that affect your climb e.g. where you start, the climb route you chose and the size of your group. But, the right provider wont try to buy you in with too-good-to-be-true cheap prices and wont hide any fees such as national park fees or airline charges always read the small print and don’t sell out.

The 3 Rs: Reputation. Responsibility. Reliability.

There is one more R that rounds these 3 of: research. Its imperative to do your background research before booking your Kilimanjaro climb. Make sure you have read traveller reviews, been in contact with the tour operators and know their Ts & Cs.

Can I see your identification please?

There would be nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on a tour provider whose tour leaders are not qualified. Check and check again that the leaders are qualified and know their way to the top, safely.

Many companies send locals up who may be able to get to the top but who have no concern for their group i.e. you.

Every step of the way

A Kilimanjaro climb should not be taken lightly, support is crucial to ensuring a successful, enjoyably trip. Some tour providers dont make contact with you until you are there and ready to take on the 5895metres of mountain.

Others, however, give expert Kilimanjaro advice constantly as soon as you sign up, such as comprehensive kit lists and vital information about your Kilimanjaro climb.

In sickness and in health

Dont say I do to a tour provider if they do not offer a medical service in their packages. With extreme factors working against you on Kilimanjaro having a medical expert will make your climb far more relaxing as you know help is always right beside you and not 5895 metres below, or in some cases non-existent.

Dont be fooled however, some companies may imply they offer a medical service but unless they can prove this with medical certificates dont sign on. There are hundreds of tour operators advertising the Kilimanjaro experience but very few are trustworthy.

Do your research otherwise the tour providers may become more dangerous than the climb itself!

Are you considering a trip to Kilimanjaro? Click here for a list of great local and muchbetter operators to contact direct.