What do Everest base camp and the Maldives sea bed have in common? Cabinet meetings….

It seems that the settings for great adventures are beginning to take centre stage in the climate change drama. After the Maldives cabinet met 5m under water a few weeks ago to sign a call for global emission cuts, the Nepal cabinet have got in on the act too. They will soon be meeting at Everest base camp, 5300m, to highlight the impact of global warming on the Himalayas and make a call for action. Hot on the heels of this news we hear that the worlds mountaineers are discussing a unified day of action on December 11th, during the Copenhagen Summit and also International Mountain Day. Many other sports communities are planning similar movements.

It comes as no surprise to us to see that the adventure world is playing a bigger and bigger part in the struggle to reach a binding global agreement on carbon emissions. Few people are as intimately connected to the reefs, glaciers and forests of this world as those that spend their lives to exploring, understanding and enjoying them. If climate change pans out as is predicted then that whole way of being will become a thing of the past. Even today we have been told that Kilimanjaro will be free of ice within 20 years, having lost 85% of it in the last 100 years.

The consequences are too dire to think about. If poverty, famine, flooding and drought are threats too abstract to mobilise the masses into action, then as trivial as this may sound, perhaps the fear of ruined holidays will help?