We just had to share this enquiry…

Our friends in the Maldives, Atoll Volunteers, recently received this sad but touching enquiry via Much Better Adventures from Yulia, a prospective volunteer. 


Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to volunteer in the Turtle Conservation Center.

I am in India at the moment and one thing happened to me that touched my heart deeply.

While my morning jog on the beach I`ve seen an enourmous turtle on the beach, that was binded to a stone and left to dye by local fishermen. The poor thing was tried to escape and obviosly had no chance. This was the first tme I had seen sea turtle allive. So wonderful creatures! And to see it dyeing made me deeply sad. I cried. Asked the fishsermen to let it go, but they were firm and very eager to sell the turtle to a local restaurant. Big money for them. That was the moment I realised I would like to do something meaningful. Being a real sea-lover, I do care about those fantastic creates.

Thus, if you have a place available, please let me know!

Many thanks.




Good luck with your application, Yulia!  


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