Waldo’s muchbetter Guide to La Grave

Why La Grave?

La Grave is a ski area like no other in the world.

It is the world’s biggest lift accessed offpiste ski area with a leg trembling 2150 metre vertical drop if you ski from top to bottom of the lift and up to 2300 metres if you take one of the ‘road runs’ from the glacier to the RN 91 below the town.

Favorite spot for untracked powder in La Grave?

Has to be one of the road runs from the top of the Girose Glacier.

Wide open Glacier run to start with, narrow shoots and cliff bands lower down. DONT ski them if you dont know the way!!

Favorite places to grab some food in La Grave?

Chancel Refuge, wild place, Great food and views of the ‘lac Couliors’!

Favorite places for a drink in La Grave?

Jan = Pelles pub, the K2 bar. April= on the sunny terrace at the Castillion Hotel

Whats the best time of year to come to La Grave?

Depends on the snow of course but Jan for powder tree skiing, April for long days, glacier runs or epic tours but I have had unforgetable days in November and May.

Is it for me?

To quote founder and head guide at the Skierslodge, Pelle Lang:

“The mountain is not adapted to the skier, the skier must adapt to the mountain”.

This is undoubtably true but any good piste skier can get something from a trip here.

I came as an offpiste debutant 12 years ago and after having my lazy piste sking technique shown up for what it was have been going back for the whole winters ever since.

What about the family?

There are several other ski areas in the same valley as La Grave which cater for family skiers and also Serre Chevalier, Les Deux Alpes and Alpe d’Huez are all 30/40 minutes away.

10 minutes from La Grave is a nordic ski area(ski du fond) and 20 minutes away, the Col du Lauteret, is a kite skiing mecca.

I know many families who come here precisely because it is NOT a ski resort!

Do I need a guide?

Not compulsary but wholeheartedly recomended.

A guide will know the best places to ski for your ability level and they will help you with the gear you need, i.e. transceivers, probe, shovel, maybe ropes for rapelling or ski touring equipment.

Interested in skiing in La Grave?

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