This article was written by Vidal Jaquehua, ofAdios Adventure Travel, licensed guide and expert trekker. You may recall his last article about his experiences onthe lost Incan trail. His first language is Qechua, second is Spanish and third is English, so as before, cut him some slack in the grammar department!

The fact that they chooseAdios Adventure Travelfor their trip to Galapagos and then the trek to Cotopaxi, it was because they know that we are very carefull whit their people and we are very attend to them.

I think that the fact of choosing the island hopping instead of the boats or the cruises to Galapagos is because we want to let the people know that there is a good number of people living there (a lot of times people thinks that they will be the first ones there) but is a big surprice for a lot of the people including the group members that we had, or even to me, for the first time, that I was there.

But now a day you can find over 40,000 people in the different islands of the Galapagos.

We believe that the tourist business can help us to developone place in especial here in South America were we need to work, the people is not begging, but yes looking for to offer a service and have a job.

One person can provide jobs to Peruor Ecuadorand in that way take advantage of this activitie call tourism.

This can have benefits in both ways, by one hand the tourist get the service and by the other hand the local people can provide the services, so as you know this can generate thousands of dollars for the economy. But in alot of place the ones that get the benefit of this activitie is just the big investors, (the rich get richer).

Land-Based tours of Galapagos Islands.

That is the case of Galapagos where if the classic tourist goes there, go in a cruise spending thousents of dollars, and the only ones that get the benefit are the boat owners (small number of people ).

A lot of times the boats will take thetourists to stay in the island, and the tourists are beliving that those places are inhavited just buy the iguanas! (because they don’t see any human inhabitants)

By stayingon the island more localpeople get to work in this activitie, and the local people also get to be involve in the eco-tourism, or became to be consius about the place where they live, so this is the reason for us to choose this kind of activitie.

I think that we can make sure that the sustainable tourism is one of the ways to get there, involving the locals in order that they can offer their product,as you know Ecuador has a good growing economy.

They do export alot of product like roses, bananas, chocolate, etc, and i think that if they can develop other sector call tourism busines, it will be big there.

This is the kind of place that has a lot to offer.

On regards Peru.

I think that we try to encorage people to go on hikes because this is one of the direct ways to help so many families, because each hiker get two porters (two families) that get a good salary from the

company, so hiking the Inca Trail the tours get to help a lot of people not only to be in the place called Peru, is also providing jobs to the people.

It happens that if someone brings 7 friends, they can hike the Inca Trail for free.

This is how our small companie can give the benefit to the travelers and the porters who live in the vilages.

We want everyone to get someting good fromour trips.

Thanks Vidal!

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