UN award for Relief Riders! Ride on…

More congratulations in order! Relief Riders International (RRI), the humanitarian adventure travel organization, has been named the winner of the 2010 United Nations NGO Positive Peace Award for Small Business.

Working with the United Nations and non-government organizations like Pathways to Peace, Rotary International, and Sister Cities International, the United Nations NGO Positive Peace Awards recognize communities, businesses, schools and individuals for the positive work to make a difference in the world.

For six years RRI has organized horseback and camel cart journeys through several breathtaking areas of India while delivering critical aid to rural communities. Its Give The Gift of Sight and Give a Goat programs have transformed the lives of local villagers. All Relief Riders participate in the free medical clinics RRI provides, help distribute goats to families in need, and school supplies to local children. During the ten rides it has offered, RRI has treated close to 16,000 villagers, including 10,000 children. The medical staff has coordinated a varied program that offers free general care, cataract eye surgery, dental surgery, and an extensive de-worming project.

We at Rotary International (RI) are honored to serve on the voting committee for the United Nations NGO Positive Peace Awards, says RI General Secretary Ed Futa. Every day, Rotarys 1.2 million members address the question, how do we make our world a better place? How appropriate that these awards recognize those companies and individuals who are asking the same question and taking the necessary steps to achieve positive change in our world.

At the Awards Ceremony at Hallmark headquarters in Kansas City on October 5, 2010, Alexander Souri, RRIs Executive Director declared: We are incredibly proud to receive this award. People are drawn to our trips because they love the idea of traveling with a positive purpose. Of course, they love immersing themselves in the culture and customs and the beauty of India. But more than that, they are so grateful to be giving something important back to those who live in the places we travel to. We are very grateful that the United Nations NGO Positive Peace Award committee has recognized our work.

Relief Riders International has scheduled three rides for the 2010/2011 fall and winter season. Their rides are limited to 12 participants and riders have their choice of traveling by horseback on the extraordinary Marwari horses or on unique camel-carts.

Check out the details and contact them direct to get your place on their next trips. Giddy up!

We meet Alexander, founder of Relief Riders, in the next issue of the adventure mag – hitting your inbox soon!