Top 10 adventure photos voted by you

Over the last few months we have run a photo competiiton with Travellerspoint, El Coco Loco, and The Loft to discover the best adventure travel photos. Here are the stunning top 10, voted for by the travel community.The winning photographer will be choosing to go on either an adventure holiday in the French Alps with Loft, or a surf holiday in Nicaragua with El Coco Loco. The photo will also shortly be seen as part of our homepage.

Always a bit scary not getting to choose the image ourselves, but luckily we love it! Which one would you have chosen? Thanks to everyone who took part!

1. Photo Competition Winner: Sunrise/sunset in Swedish Lapland, Sweden. Photo by bsmethers.

2. Photo Competition Runner-up: Sleeping on ice, Quebec, Canada. Photo by snowgirl.

3. Balloon safari in South Africa. Photo by bsmethers.

4. Atop Mt Fitzroy, Patagonia, Argentina. Photo by Iyer.Taracad.

5. Sunrise balloon ride, Dubai, Middle East. Photo by rscott1948.

6. Afghan motorcycle man, Afghanistan. Photo by ErinDriver.

7. Sunrise in Mezguida, Morocco. Photo by StephenJen.

8. At the Foot of the Serrano Glacier, Chile. Photo by tommiesuem.

9. Embracing Alaska, USA. Photo by Rhombus.

10. Solitude in the sands, Mezguida, Morocco. Photo by StephenJen.

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