Tomi’s muchbetter guide to Dubrovnik and the Croatian Riviera

Why do I love Dubrovnik and coastal Croatia?

There are many great reasons to visit Dubrovnik and Croatia. Dubrovnik is situated on the Adriatic coast close to Montenegro and the Bosnian Herzegovina border. Dubrovnik has beautiful Mediterranean vegetation, crystal blue sea, nice Mediterranean weather, numerous small islands and very friendly locals.

Dubrovnik also has a remarkable history, it is an old town that is well preserved and the walled town is protected by UNESCO.

Why visit Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik and its Riviera is a unique place where east meets west, Mediterranean meets central Europe, different people and cultures through centuries have left their traces and this is what makes Dubrovnik such a desirable place to visit and live.

Dubrovnik should be the highlight of a trip to Croatia, but besides Dubrovnik there are many interesting spots, places, islands and hidden beaches worth seeing on the Dubrovnik Riviera and the surrounding countryside.

Where are your favourite places for active exploration in Croatia and around Dubrovnik?

Island Lokrum in front of the city walls is a great escape from city crowd. In the shadow of pine trees you can enjoy walks through botanical garden, climb up on French fort Royal or visit the hidden bay and swim in the crystal sea. You can also explore the coast by kayaking, snorkelling, swimming or hiking.

Island Korcula is another secret of Croatia. It has the medieval town of Korcula which is the birth place of the world known traveler Marco Polo, his house still exists to visit. History and Mediterranean culture with beautiful landscapes makes this island unique and you can easily enjoy activities like hiking, biking, bug safari, sailing and snorkeling.

Peljesac peninsula is the countryside area between Dubrovnik and Korcula, this peninsula is famous for 3 main things: wine, oysters and the town of Ston. On Peljesac you can hike, bike and surf.

On the southern part of Dubrovnik coast is Konavle, a countryside area with the medieval town of Cavtat. It will be the first place you will visit if you came to Dubrovnik by plane because Dubrovnik airport is located there.

Konavle countryside is region with great mountains, green valleys, forests and cliffs, rivers and the sea… the best way to explore this area is to climb up on the highest peak of Mt. Snjeznica and enjoy scenic views of 3 countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and coastal Croatia.

The nature here is beautiful so if you have time take a path and hike through farms and villages, or if you have 2 wheels you will really enjoy biking around.

Favorite route for biking and hiking in Dubrovnik and coastal croatia?

My favorite spots for biking or hiking in Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Riviera starts in Korcula and continues along coast to Dubrovnik, to the of islands Sipan and Mljet before ending in the Konavle countryside. This combines elements of adventure and authentic cultural sightseeing.

Favorite spots along the way?

Dubrovnik the best time to visit is any day except weekends because of the many tourists from the cruise ships.

Island Sipan offers numerous possibilities; sightseeing, swimming, hiking, biking or sea kayaking… options are numerous not just during the summer but also in other seasons.

Island Mljet you won’t be sure if the sea water blue, azure or green, as you are hiking or cycling. You would definitely need at least 2 days here to make the most of it.

Korcula sandy beaches in village Lumbarda and old villages above Korcula town. Take a bike and explore the area in one day, next day reward yourself with some wine tasting and an excellent lunch at one of the many local family restaraunts.

Peljesac peninsula: In the village Drace you can stop by the road and order mussels and oysters, they will grab it from the sea and serve it to you there and then.

Konavle countryside my favorite spots are old mills on the river Ljuta with excellent restaurants where they serve local

specialties, for some it is group of the old picturesque villages in the valley, but for myself the best spot is mount Snjeznica and the amazing hiking to be had there.

Favorite place to grab some food in Dubrovnik?

Locanda Pescaria and Restaurant Kamenice both serve excellent sea food – not expensive – If you prefer vegetarian food then I highly recommend the restaurant Nishta or pizzeria Oliva.

Favorite place to grab a drink in Dubrovnik?

The Sky bar in the old Town, caffe bars Galerie and Talir (popular at locals), Jazz caffe Troubadur, of Buza bar just outside city walls, where you can sit on the rocks above the sea, order some drinks and soak in the sunset.

Best time to visit Dubrovnik?

For a muchbetter adventure – Spring and Autumn, I would suggest April and May, September and October in particular. You will avoid high season crowds and it is not too hot for sporting activities as the sea and air temperatures are very pleasant.

Anything else to share with a people planing to visit in Dubrovnik?

Go to restaurants and bars where you see locals go.

Don’t spend your money on bottled water, tap water is drinkable in Croatia.

When you plan your visit to Dubrovnik try to see the full picture – visit some other places on the Riviera, try local seasonal food and our local beverages.

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I’m Tomi, a local in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I run travel agency Viator Travel, we provide activity and cultural tours in Dubrovnik and southern Croatia, we are specialised in biking, hiking and tailored tours for individuals and small groups.

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