Things we heard at The Bike Show

Sam, Guy, Aidan and Rory downed tools and headed to The London Bike Show recently.  We wanted to get a sense of what sort of cycling holidays people did and what they wanted to do in the future. 

We were armed with a few key questions but didn’t just survey people. Instead, we had proper open-ended chats, learning what people enjoyed the most from their recent trips and what they struggled with when booking them.

Should it help with your own sales and marketing, we thought we’d share some of the things we heard:

On Destinations:

“Mallorca’s very much on my bucket list”

“Mallorca is the place I’ve enjoyed the most”

“I want to ride in more off-beat destinations, but I’m not sure how…”

“I’d want to know good the cycling infrastructure is before riding anywhere new”

“Would love to ride in Scandinavia… Eastern Europe… Northern Africa”

“We use Strava to work out the best routes”

“I would love to have access to route suggestions from local riders”

On Bikes:

“I hate the hassle and risk of taking my own bike”

“It’d be great to ride a better bike than mine for a week”

“I’d happily pay more to rent and ride a better bike”

“I want to be sure the bikes to rent are of high quality and well maintained”

“I’d want to know the actual bike brands and sizes available to rent”

On booking holidays:

“I really want to go on more cycling trips, but it’s hard to persuade the family”

“I prefer to just book everything independently”

“It’s often hard to gauge how bike friendly some accommodation is”

“Packages seem more expensive and restrictive”

“Help with luggage transfers is very desirable”

“Happy with basic accommodation, so long as there’s somewhere safe to store bikes, or you can keep them in your room”

“We tend to find specialist holiday operators through word of mouth… through the cycle club, or during socials at the end of sportives, not so much in magazines”

“When booking we consider how specialised it is for road cyclists and how nice the location is”

“The main reason for going sunshine, quality time with friends and family and seeing new places – in that order”

“I book everything online”

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