There’s been a few changes…

It’s been a busy few weeks at muchbetter hq. Where to begin!

The major change that was put live earlier this week is a completely re-vamped, re-designed, re-worked Manager – the system businesses use to handle their enquiries and bookings.

It’s been rebuilt from the ground up with the following things in mind:

  1. Speed The new manager is a whole lot faster to load on any connection.
  2. Mobile The old site worked on mobile, but because this new site loads faster, the prospect of answering enquiries whilst out and about becomes a whole lot more appealing. On a ski lift, in the checkout queue, whilst watching telly. Our customers increasingly expect ever quicker responses, so now you can.
  3. Keep it Simple, Stupid Wherever we could, we’ve made the new interface simpler and more streamlined.
  4. Homogonised Design You now see a much closer representation of how the offer looks to the customer. The conversation view is exactly the same as the customers view, as is the product preview.

Some added bonuses

  • Declining enquiries has become easier. There’s a much simpler initial enquiry view that asks you if you want to reply or decline. After choosing either option, you’re taken to the next new enquiry. This will keep your new enquiry inbox clear and we won’t send the reminder email after.
  • Web view counters to see if a customer has clicked to view your site or not.
  • Search for enquiries by name or enquiry number.
  • Get help/give feedback by just hitting the red ? in the bottom right of all pages in your Manager.

We have also been quietly loading accurate weekly pricing and availability for all chalets and apartments (1900 and counting) ahead of some further improvements in the pipeline – more to come on that front soon.

As always, we welcome your feedback in the comments below, or email us!

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