The Ultimate Responsible Traveller

The Ultimate responsible traveller, Alexander Martin puts his epic cross-States canoe trip on hold as the winter pulls in around him.

Planned to take place between April to December, his 6,000 mile journey from Portland Ore. to Portland Maine in his canoe and on bike has come to a second pause in Minnesota. In his own words, Lake Superior in November is not a good idea.

The first obstacle came in May, almost in sight of the Continental divide. Low on funds, he worked the summer, teaching outdoor skills, leadership and science.

Alexander said hed hoped to include other people associated with river-related conservation groups in an effort to raise funds for environmental projects, but the downturn in the economy cancelled that plan.

Yet another problem threatened the trip, His original plan was to take the Missouri River north to Minot North Dakota. down the Souris River, through Winnipeg and up the Winnipeg River along the old voyageur route to Lake of the Woods, finally up the Rainy River to International Falls to Rainy Lake and to Lake Superior. However he paddled the Souris for a couple days and it was slow, he may not have reached Lake Superior before the Boundary Waters and Rainy Lake froze.

So instead, he jumped on his bike, pulling his canoe, from Minot to Lake of the Woods, loaded his bike into his canoe and paddled to Rainy Lake. At Ranier, he gave away his bicycle because he wouldnt need it again.

We think his attitude to this trip is awesome, and we wish him luck when he next picks up his paddle to take on the final stretch.

Finance, the weather and a slow river have given their problems, but Alexander has quietly continued with his trip. Refusing to allow problems to force him to cancel, but not underestimating the dangers, he has progressed with the calm commitment and responsible approach that sees all true adventurers succeed.

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