12. – 14. MARCH 2010 is a date to remember. It’s the date of a three day eco freeride competition called Kick the Vic in the Swiss alps between Andermatt and Disentis.Arriving by train, the riders will then set off on their own two feet (and their skins or snow shoes) to a mountain hut from where they access a huge variety of terrain, with faces for all levels. The 55 riders can choose their own lines and mountains, and one run per rider will be judged.Anyone age 16 or over is invited to enter, though of course participants have to be used to backcountry skiing and aware of the risks involved.They are asked not overestimate themselves!

Entries closed on 1st Jan, but will reopen on 20th Jan if any spaces become available.THE EVENTEven though many are good buddies, this is a freeride competition. Its categorised in men and women but not in different disciplines! The judging will be realized by video analysis from each rider. There is a riders voting at the mountain hut during the event and a public voting on our new website WWM after the event. The competition will be carried out on the best sunny day. There is an alternative program for bad weather.The event itself will be small and has little audience by skitouring people (the mountain hut is about two hours away from civilisation) It’s all just about riding!THE SUMMER PARTYIn summer there will be the pricegiving party of the public voting and also a presentation of the kick the vik documentary film. A three day polysportive event at the swiss mountain resort Flims.For more information check out http://www.kickthevik.com.If you can’t enter, why not join their online freeride contest – worldwide mountain. Upload your line, and it will be juged by everyone involved. Finally the top fifty riders will be juged by an international professional jury in three categories per gender: big mountain line, pillow line, backyard and city.