The Toxicity Of Surfing – Infographic

The good folks at Envirosurfer have produced this eye-opening infographic to highlight the impact of the products we use on our surfing adventures. Have a read and let us know your thoughts.


We can all do something about this. Start by sharing this information with your surfing buddies and checking out the ‘ingredients’ of any surf gear you buy.

It’s not all doom and gloom though as we know that there are plenty of inspiring surfers out there who are doing their bit and we, thanks to you, have found them.

Check out our ‘muchbetter’ surf holidays, discovered by our community, vetted by us and operated by local people who see surf as an opportunity to support local communities and environments.

If you want to find out more and get involved, we think the guys at Surfrider Foundation are also doing some great things to raise awareness and protect our waves.

What do you think? Leave your suggestions or thoughts below, is there something missing from the infographic?

One Reply to “The Toxicity Of Surfing – Infographic”

  1. The only way we can do anything about this is mass movement. It has to start at the top (the pro circuit) and work down. Even if I want to buy environmentally friendly boards I can’t afford the extra cost. I (like a hundred thousand others) still buy second hand – when the bamboo boards start coming through second hand (for less than the price of a mortgage) you can count us in!

    In the meantime it’s important we keep the stoke in caring for the environment. If it gets preachy we’ve lost before we start.

    Thanks for sharing this infographic, “The Surfers Path” would love this.

    Nice one.

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