As far as adventures go, it doesnt get muchbetter than this!

A new team of passionate entrepreneurs will be setting off on a series of annual expeditions world wide starting in 2012.So imagine for a moment that you were watching an old episode of the 80s TV Classic The A- Team, except this time instead of Hannibal Smith and his team driving across the California, we were now in Africa, South Africa to be precise.Now picture instead of a V8 van, some guns and a few smooth moves you are looking at a 4×4 and a dirt road and some extremely non-military personnel. Sound like nothing new? Guess againRight, so far we have a 4X4, a dirt road now add a team of three adventurers, but not just your average adventurers, these three are after far more than a thrill or selfish adrenalin rush. These three have specific tangible and intangible goals.Ok, so this team of three new age adventurers is now travelling down a dirt road up the dry west coast of South Africa. It is 30 degrees Celsius, so that part is similar to the The A-Team Californian premise and the small towns tumble weeds, well they can stay too.The team now arrives into a town, more like a village. In the background you can hear an African version of Mike Posts A-Team classic theme tune.The 4X4 pulls into the town and the three get out of their dusty vehicle. The driver is a slim, tall man he is wearing a pair of shorts and flip flops (new age Hannibal Smith except not as cool and without the cigar), a well used golf shirt and has an unshaven tanned face. Out of the passenger side exits an exotic brunette (not dissimilar to one of Face Mans sexy side kicks); she has a warm and beautifully friendly face and is dress just as casually yet has an air of sophistication and travelled culture about her. The last to exit the vehicle is a relaxed looking man with a Mohawk (right so this time the BA Baracus comparison is nearly spot on). In his hand he has a film camera and around his neck is a shiny Nikon rather than a gold medallion. Tourists?Think againNew age Hannibal and his team are not tourists, they are not modern day Robin Hoods, a justice seeking mob, or wanted war veterans trying to clear their name, they are a team of passionate social entrepreneurs in search of a nations heartbeat, its pulse, its voice and its vision. They have arrived into this small dusty west coast town in order to gather information. The information will be gathered via image stills, film, sketches, interviews, journals and anything else that becomes relevant at the time. Using this information for their own research? Nope, wrong againThe information gathered will form part of a series of documentaries and television shows. Maybe even a social and environmental reality version of The A-Team – except lets call it the E-Team. It will also become a resource at the disposal of any and all who would like to join the teams vision of creating a sustainable, well educated and visionary world of innovators. Just another reality show? Not exactly…The filming will be a production of humorous, serious stories and real topics merged together in a fun and addictive way to teach, inspire and above all raise hopeful awareness. Next?…Well, the team is right now small, but not for long. We need you to be a part of our everexpanding team of international positive visionaries. Join us in anyway you can. Follow ourescapades, our flat tyres, our wrong turns and above all our amazing discoveries. We need you on the team. For without you our team would not be complete. Our E-Team would not accomplish their long term objectives, your and our long term objectives a FUTURE: POSSIBLE.This will become one of the many places you can follow us every step of the way. This all leads up to our first trip off into the sun that never sets January 2012.Follow the dust trail up the west coast of South Africa for our first of many annual explorations. As the sun rises for the first day of 2012, it will never set on our EXPEDITION.In 2012 a crack entrepreneurial unit was sent on an EXPEDITION tasked to explore, re-discover and learn. This team promptly visited 200 towns in 365 days and escaped with more than few stories to the Cape Town underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as visionaries of the future. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the E-Team. But the big question is…will you be following us?The beginning

You can find out more, and follow their progress on The EXPEDITION Project website!