Snow biking in June?!

After a crap season of skiing in Morzine this winter, thanks to a complete lack of snow, I figured the summer would be amazing – snow disappearing from the tops real quick, and more warm weather. Spring was fantastic, hot and dry, and this continued into the early summer, heck, even two days ago was roasting. Imagine our surprise waking up this morning to a dump of snow…

The climb, usually a 30 minute road and then fireroad affair, took a fair bit longer than usual. Heavy, wet snow up to our hubs wasn’t conducive to rapid climbing – neither were tyres dropped to 20psi.

The trees were clearly suffering too, roads and trails were littered with broken trees, thanks to the unusual weight of the snow.

Upon reaching the top, a cursory snowman was built for posterity…

The Two Trees trail is usually a fast, twisty and rocky singletrack – today it was a winter wonderland, and slightly more nadgery!

Jumping on to Sleepy Pirate we were confronted with snowy switchbacks. Strangely some of them felt more secure with 6 inches of snow on them.

From there it was a (theoretically) fast blast back to Bikevillage HQ, interrupted by numerous more fallen treed and branches. With 3 days before the season starts, there’s a lot of trail maintenance to complete.