Shopping for your Winter Ski Adventure: 3 Key Purchases

Increasingly, it appears as though citizens are being motivated by the idea of active travel and tourism. This is a trend that has taken hold in 2013, as the global market has witnessed a rising demand for physically and intellectually challenging holidays that involve activities such as extreme sports, hiking and long-distance running.

If you are a part of this burgeoning demographic, you may well be preparing to hit the slopes and enjoy a skiing or snowboarding winter adventure in the coming months.

With this in mind, what are the must-have shopping items that you need to purchase prior to taking flight and hitting the slopes at your chosen resort? Consider the following: –


1. Ski Jacket and Outer Layer


One of the first things that you should invest in is a ski jacket or adequate outer layer, which optimises both comfort and warmth for active travellers. Ultimately, you will need to select a product that is waterproof and manufactured from breathable fabric, as this will minimise the amount of moisture that your body is exposed to. Some garments are even designed with articulated arms and elbows, which helps to create a superior fit that can be tailored to each individual.


2. Ski Goggles


Goggles are a must-have item when you hit the slopes, as flying shards of ice and snow and cause significant damage if your eyes are left exposed to the elements. Modern ski goggles are also particularly advanced, with products such as the Bolle Gravity Modulator boasting light reactive, anti-scratch lenses, an ultra-soft triple layer of face foam and even an equalizer vent. Available through the High Octane Sport brand, these goggles are ideal for snowboarders and skiers who wish to remain safe during their adventures.


3. Compression Tights and Base layers


Before all the men amongst you scoff at the idea of wearing tights, these unisex garments that aid faster recovery and help to optimise your comfort while skiing. They represent the ultimate base layer, which sits close to the skin and is therefore designed to boost circulation, remove blood lactates and driver faster rates of muscle repair. Contemporary designs also have the additional benefits of being antibacterial and resistant to moisture, while those of you heading to warmer resorts may also consider looking for products with built-in UPF and sun protection.


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