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The eagle eyed among you might have spotted a new feature release last week: You can now reply to offers and comments direct from your inbox.

It’s been among the most highly requested feature from businesses and holiday searchers alike and is already showing a huge increase in the number of comments each offer is receiving – almost 2x the amount infact!

It’s a double win:
In order to allow replies to offers for the  holiday searchers, we’ve had to show a lot more information about the offer within the email. So instead of having to click through to the TripWall online, they can view all the holiday details, photos and prices direct in their inbox. This has the added bonus of allowing them to forward the emails direct to their fellow travellers.

The only restriction on these emails from a business point of view is that you still have to make the initial offer from within the manager system, but in order to respond to holiday searchers questions, hitting reply in your inbox is all you need to do.

And a bonus for the ski businesses is that you can easily respond from the chairlift 😉

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