Peanut turtle deformed by our rubbish

This is not a new story but one that only recently came to our attention so we wanted to bring it to yours in case you missed it too.

The depressing image below depicts a red eared slider turtle who became trapped in a six pack plastic ring and grew around it.

The turtle, since dubbed ‘Peanut’ for her unique shape, became permanently deformed as a result of the confinement.

The rings would have made her easy prey or drowned her but luckily a local boy found her and took her to the rescue centre.Rescue workers found her lungs to be squashed and some of her organs didn’t work properly but she was alive and kicking despite it all.

Sadly, it takes stories and images like this to stop people litering our oceans – lets hope this is the last one we need!Come on, we can do muchbetter than this…

We all have a part to play to prevent this happening again. We must all look at what we buy and how we dispose of our rubbish and make sure to know where our waste ends up. To be sure, cut six pack rings and milk top rings before you toss them.

If you’d like to support turtle protection and conservation first hand, have a look at our conservation partners to see how you can get involved.

We have some inspiring organisations on the site that are doing their bit to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

Check out our turtle focused friends below:

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