A little while ago Nike made a beautiful, inspiring video that pretty much sums up exactly what ‘much better’ adventures are all about.

It’s one of those rare videos where your entire office will all stop what they were doing to come watch over your shoulder. It highlights that sport can make a better world we really couldnt agree more.

Here is the ‘recycled’ video in all it’s glory.

As the hairs on our necks fall back into place, forgive us for remaining a little sceptical about whether their words equate to actions given Nike’s past and rather colourful reputation.

We have got in touch with Nike to find out more about the realities and outcomes of this project, watch this space.

In the meantime, this is what Nike say they are doing to make a better world.

This is what we are doing to make a muchbetter world.

This is our 10-part exploration into the realities behind the label ethical outdoor clothing.