Just thought we’d bring you news of the new Sustrans UK cycle network iPod app, which isavailable for free from the iTunes app store.

The app shows 25,000 miles of cycle routes, including all 13,000 miles of the official Sustrans cycle network. It includes loads of detail around the maps, encompassing local points of interest (schools, bike shops, accommodation etc), and also the location of every bus stop and train station, along with links to timetables. The app also enables you to create routes and share them over the internet.

With the Sustrans cycle network spanning across the UK, I’m sure this app will be of great benefit to a range of people. If it can be used to encourage the uptake of bikes as a form of transport to schools and work, it’ll help reduce congestion on the roads, making them safer for everyone, as well as cutting emissions and saving time. Whilst it might not be game changer in the way the nation commutes, surely its a step in the right direction.

Furthermore, this kind of technology can help make the UK a more cycle friendly destination for tourists. Perhaps with this app, we can encourage more people to come to the UK on bike, and see the country at a more leisurely pace. Of course, whilst you might not get lost thanks to the app, it can’t guarantee continental weather, or a lack of midges!