An interesting press release dropped into our inbox this morning from Fischer, the Austrian ski manufacturer.

Dubbed the ‘Hybrid’ ski, there’s some fancy innovation in there, aimed at making a true all-rounder ski.

Off-piste and sharp-turning skis often use a ‘rocker’ to achieve float in powder (lifting the tips out of the snow), and to benefit short turns (shorter edge in contact with the snow). Whilst skis which are great for carving – long, powerful and fast turns on smooth pistes, generally require a longer edge in contact with the piste, so they can corner ‘on rails’.

The two types are therefore often mutually exclusive. Until now, it seems.

At the flick of a switch, the Hybrid skis lift the tips, inducing rocker in the ski, or drops it, giving a longer edge. The idea being that you can have the ideal ski for the conditions.

With widths of up to 105mm, and sporting twin tips, it sounds like Fischer have got it covered…

Could adding a set of touring bindings (and a set of skins) make these the most versatile skis out there?

We’d love a shot on them to find out…

(Er, and also on that snow quad-bike thingy too!)

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