MuleBar bring out compostable wrappers.

MuleBar are rolling out compostable wrappers across their range as a way of combating the environmental pressure caused by food wrappings. With increasing numbers of people taking part in events, and consuming energy products during their leisure time, our countryside is becoming covered in plastic.

MuleBar’s compostable wrappers are obviously not an excuse to drop litter, but enable you to take home and dispose of them in an environmentally sensible way, echoing the company’s sustainable ethos.

Using non-GMO wood pulp from certified sources, the wrappers can be composted at home, or industrially. The way the composting takes places means that the wrappers won’t degrade on your shelves, as they require warmth, moisture and the presence of micro-organisms to initiate the degradation.

The compostable wrappers are first being used on the most popular flavour, Apple Strudel, and their range of products can be found on theMuleBar website, in cycle shops and independent sports retailers (as well as in selected Tesco stores).

Whilst we’re on the subject of MuleBar, check out the MuleBar GIRL video below – great little edit!

Ladies Pursuits from on Vimeo.