Touring sunny holiday destinations by bike is becoming more prevalent by the minute, partly because of the varied trails on offer and partly because of the warmer climate. Budding bikers can choose from picturesque routes, cruising along the spectacular coastline, to more daring treks along the jagged peaks. There is something for everyone in Greece. Gaining access to the region is easy and a number of flights leave on a daily basis.

Where to go

Greece has a huge range of riding opportunities, as well as a number of high-altitude trails. Such trails are more suited to the intermediate biker as opposed to the beginner. A number of rugged, natural tracks can be found in the area, all of which are surrounded by picturesque scenery and crystal waters.
Many say mountain biking was a pursuit designed for Greece. Mountainous areas, high hills and stunning scenery, surround a large majority of the country. It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted, although you’ll be able to find certain softer routes on lower ground.

Mountain Biking In Mount Paggaio

Mount Paggaio is an area of tranquil beauty and is a great spot for those that wish to explore natural scenery. Situated at the Northern end of Greece, the area of Paggaio mixes exceptional views with stunning flora. From the city of Thessalonika, the mountain can be reached in less than two hours. Holidaymakers that visit this spot can also try their hand at skiing.

Mountain Biking In Litochoro

Positioned close to Katerini and just one hour from Thessalonika, Litochoro sits at the base of Mount Olympus. This is the tallest Greek mountain and boasts a peak of 2,917 metres. Both the diverse trails and flora make biking here a pleasant experience and one that will showcase a variety of scenic views. This is an area suited to amateur and professional bikers, as there are both manmade pathways and rocky routes to choose from. The further you travel, the better the views of the Aegean Sea become. The coast is just 20 minutes away and makes for a welcome retreat after a morning of cycling.


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Mountain Biking In Karpenisi

Situated in central Greece and only a short journey from Athens, Karpenisi is renowned as an activity spot and is home to a number of extreme sports including off-road biking. Here you can ride in a remote region and one that offers exquisite views. There are a number of villages dotted along the cycle routes, which means there are plenty of places to stop off along the way.

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