Most Memorable Ski Resorts

As any avid skier can tell you, it is all about location. Unfortunately many ski resorts around the world feel all rather the same, as if you have been there before, many times. As an avid skier myself, I like to find ski resorts that offer something a bit different to hang in the memory. There are a number of resorts I would recommend to anyone looking for something similar. Here goes with a few of my most memorable ski resorts.

Sainte Foy, France

Located in the French Alps, not far from Val d’Isere and Tignes, Sainte Foy de Tarentaise is a small, quiet, perfectly formed resort. It has gained a bit of a reputation recently as a powder heaven (thanks to the miles of un-pisted but very accessible terrain, and general lack of crowds). The ski pistes are actually perfect for skiers of all ages and experience. Likewise, the resort itself is charming, and features plenty of private chalets, offering the experience of a quiet, isolated retreat amidst the scenic backdrop of the French Alps. Whilst some people prefer active, busy ski resorts, I sometimes prefer this quiet retreat for a family getaway.

Cerro Catedral, Argentina

cerro catedral argentina If you’re not a highly active skier, there are probably a few places around the world you’re not aware of. In this case, I’m referring to Cerro Catedral, near Bariloche in Argentina. It’s understandable, of course; few people would consider a South American country such as Argentina for skiing. Nestled amongst the stunning lakes of Nahuel Huapí National Park, this is a truly stunning ski setting. Cerro Catedral is a popular resort for students and gap year travellers as well as ski adventurers, and the resort buzzes with the vibrant, lively Argentinean lifestyle, making it feel totally unique. The Andes of both Chile and Argentina is littered with good ski resorts, so you might find it is soon time to swap that summer holiday for a winter one!

Zermatt, Switzerland

zermatt ski chaletsUnlike Argentina, I’m sure you’re not surprised by the ski opportunities in Switzerland. I would definitely recommend Zermatt. There is miles of glacial skiing, and terrain to challenge all levels of skier (consider a guide to get the most from it). If the slopes themselves don’t excite you the unique buzz of the village has plenty to offer, be it quiet shops during the day or a great night-life with a range of highly acclaimed restaurants, bars and cafés. If all that fails, the sights speak for themselves. Zermatt offers multiple viewpoints of the wonderful, dominating Matterhorn.

These are just three locations that spring to mind if I am asked to name ski resorts that stick in the memory, but they should hopefully show you some of the variance and great holiday potential that comes from skiing. Skiing is an adventure; it definitely rewards the bold and daring who are willing to think outside the box, even a little bit.

Like any resort, you’re dealing with locations away from major cities. As such, I’d also recommend you hire a vehicle for your winter break too, with a good hire car insurance policy in place of course, to help you get around if needed. Also, don’t forget to dress warm!

This is a guest post from Mark Bower, skier, managing director of car hire insurance and niche money saving website

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