Sustainable ski project in Morzine aims to protect the environment and cut bills.

The ski resort of Morzine, in the French Alps, is setting the standard for sustainable ski destinations with a new partnership between us here at and the Travel Foundation.

More than 30 chalets in the resort have signed up to a new programme to reduce water and energy consumption during the 2010-2011 ski season.

We will be working closely with chalet and hotel owners in Morzine to help them reduce their water and energy consumption. The programme aims to show them how small changes, such as using low flow showerheads, checking for leaks regularly and using energy efficient light bulbs, can make a positive difference to the environment as well as saving up to 25 per cent on utility bills. At the start of the winter season a training workshop will be held to ensure staff understand the issues and to highlight best practice examples that they can use in their daily operations.

The Travel Foundation is backing the scheme, as part of its Make Snowsports Greener campaign, by providing training packs and information, and expert support.

Chalets and Ski operators involved include the Family Ski Company, Ride and Slide, More Mountain, Chalets Koala, Morzine, 1066 and La Combe, and the Riders Refuge.

Alex Naracott, the co-founder of, said: It is encouraging to see real commitment from a number of operators in Morzine. This is the beginning of a project we plan to run over the next few years and we anticipate the programme will expand once the first participants start to reap the rewards over the winter.

Jon Dredge, owner of More Mountain, said: Everyone I have met associated the programme has been really positive, and the info and advice provided makes it much easier to source and implement ideas. We all rely on the snow for our businesses to function, so hopefully we can work together to share ideas and every chalet operator involved will be able to reduce their energy and water consumption in some way. It has the added benefit of cutting costs, which is important in the current market.

Sue Hurdle, chief executive, The Travel Foundation, said: This is an excellent example of how travel companies can take action for the environment and bring benefits to their business at the same time. Were encouraging snow sports operators to get involved in this project and work with their suppliers to take action. Travel companies can also follow the example set by and set up their own water and energy saving projects.

There is more information about how to get involved and how to set up your own water and energy saving project at

  1. Marite
    Oct 07, 2010

    What about carpooling to Morzine this year for even greener vacation?