Mont Blanc climber finds ‘crash’ jewels and gives them back.

A French climber making his merry way up a glacier near Mont Blanc this week had a very rewarding day out as he tripped across a treasure box full of precious metals and jewels that had been lost on the mountain for nearly half of a century.

The riches were discovered in a metallic box marked “Made in India” and are believed to have been part of the wreckage from an Air India crash in 1966.


Stephane Dan, crystal hunting guide, and Alexandre Pittin, mountaineer and crystal hunter, look at a part of minerals found on Mont Blanc. (AFP)
Stephane Dan and Alexandre Pittin, mountaineers and crystal hunters, check out minerals found on Mont Blanc. (AFP)


What’s more, the climber chose not to keep the fortune, thought to be worth around £200,000, but instead anonymously handed it all in to the police to be finally returned to its rightful owners.

Local police were pleasantly surprised by the climbers integrity saying, “He could have kept them but he chose to turn them in because he knew they belonged to someone who probably perished.” What a guy.

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