Meet Sumak Travel – a new muchbetter way to see South America

We are delighted to welcome Sumak Travel as the latest member of the muchbetter community.

This new Uk based tour operator to South America was founded by Felipe after a year exploring the wonders of South America, getting totally hooked, and connecting with dozens of incredible community based tourism projects along the way. There are certain parallels with Alex there, who was driven to start Much Better Adventures after a similar year of discovery in South America. So you imagine his excitement to hear from someone else with a shared passion and vision for tourism in this captivating region of the world!

As Felipe explains:

We work directly with community-based tour operators in South America. They usually are co-operatives, social enterprises, associations, travel agencies, all managed by the local communities themselves. We specialise in community-base eco-tourism, but our trips include also visits to main cities and touristic attractions. When you book a trip with us, we organise and book everything for you.

We create bespoke eco-trips, which means that customers chose if they want a guide with them during the whole trip, only during the activities, or not at all. Our local providers can offer a wide range of services and we are able to create multinational eco-trips as well. For now, we dont do group travel, only independent travel.

In our website you can see standard trips we’ve created to give customers an idea of what they can get. These trips include lots of trekking and other eco-tourism activities, and we can tailor make to suit your interests.

We can’t wait to see them working the tailor making magic on our new service too, which currently lets you get tailored offers for walking, biking and skiing in Europe, but a full range of adventures and activities is on the way!

For now, you can contact Felipe to make your South America journey muchbetter!