Mark Beaumont, Rowing the Arctic

We’ve all heard of Mark Beaumont, the guy who cycled round the world, and then cycled the length of the American continent climbing some impressive mountains as he went – there’s been a range of fantastic BBC documentaries, blogs and public speaking events, following the trips.

Mark has recently departed on his latest expedition, and we figured it was worth bringing it to your attention, because its pretty cool…

Mark, and a team of 5 others, including Jock Wishart are rowing from Resolute Bay in the far north of Canada to the Magnetic North Pole on Ellef Rignes Island.

Dodging icebergs and polar bears, the 450 mile trip should take around 6 weeks to complete, and the BBC are following their journey. The Rowing the Arctic page has links to Mark’s audio blog and you can keep track of their position thanks to his GPS system. Well worth spending a little while clicking about!

Whilst holidays consisting of a row to the North Pole might be hard to find, we can help you plan holidays and accommodations in the far north of Canada!