The winter is just dragging on in the Uk isn’t it? If you are anything like us you are probably thinking, ‘hmm, how good would it be to leg it somewhere hot on a whim right now?’

So you can imagine that the urge got a bit harder to fight when we got an email pop in our inbox from Reef Conservation International in Belize telling us they still had a few space left on their lionfish hunting expedition in early March!

An adventure with a purpose… we have a soft spot for them!

Now, at first glance going spearing fish in a marine reserve in Belize doesn’t sound much like a conservation project, but as Jo explained it to me, it became clearer:

‘The lionfish have spread rapidly throughout the Caribbean. They have few natural predators in the Caribbean and studies show that Caribbean predators avoid lionfish.Lionfish are voracious predators and can consumehuge percentages of juvenile fish recruits. In thirty minutes onelionfish was observed eating more than twenty fish! And they breed rapidly; they release around 20,000 eggs every 4 days! Scientists are predicting that lionfish will have a grave impact on Belizesalready stressed stocks of fish and lobster and could spell potential disaster to our marine habitats.’

So whats the details?

Simple really. Down tools, book a flight and head out to Belize for the first two weeks in March. Scuba dive, spear fish, enjoy some great company in a stunning location, and go whale shark watching too! Then come back to find those winter blues have all but vanished!

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