It’s good to talk

We have just launched a simple calling service to allow businesses to call customers when the customer is happy to take calls – after an offer has been submitted.

How does it work?

First off,  the customer must allow the business to contact them. They do this with a simple checkbox when they send their replies:


If a customer has done this,  the business will be able to speak to the customer by calling our special callback number (UK or French national rate numbers) and then enter a special six digit number when prompted:


A phone call is logged in the comments stream along with the enquiry.

The customer is able to revoke the calling ability on a per enquiry basis. If this happens,  the call button will disappear and the code will deactivate.  We do this to protect our customers privacy and give them the power to enable and disable calls.

We don’t charge for the call service ourselves, the only charge will be for dialling the local rate landline callback number – a significant saving over calling an overseas mobile number!

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments!

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