IndoSole’s guide to San Francisco

San Francisco has to be one of the hippest places in the world, with thriving arts, culture and music scenes. Its also situated in a fantastic place geographically, giving a whole range of adventure sport opportunities. Jeremy, from IndoSole gives us his top tips for making the most of San Francisco!

Why San Francisco?

There is a unique attraction of having exposure to facets in both beach andurban culture. The ideology in San Francisco has always been to promote self-expression thus the result is an eclectic population that inspires each other withindividuality while fuelling energy for creativity. Then, include the desirability ofSan Franciscos proximity to the outdoors; one can travel 40 miles either northor south and be surrounded by Californias novel landscape. The options areendless for outdoor enthusiasts with accessibility to hiking, mountain biking,bouldering / climbing, kite surfing, road cycling. Lastly, the weather does notfluctuate much with an average temperature ranging from the mid 50s high 70s(Fahrenheit) so it is conducive for any outdoor activity.

Favourite spot for surf in San Francisco?Ocean Beach may be the most temperamental surf break on the Californiacoastline; however, when all the necessary elements align, this sand bar stretchcould leave you with memorable tube rides. Shifting A-frame peaks through theoutside bar is the set-up for the 3-mile beach. It might be imperative to mentionthat surfing Ocean Beach is not for those who are inexperienced. Frequent ripcurrents along with the countless duck dive paddles can test your true fitness andmental game. Nevertheless, these brutal conditions free up the lineup so no needto worry about others dropping in on your stoke.For those that may need a mellow surf alternative, there are a handful of spotsnearby San Francisco. See below:The Hook 41st St. & Cowells Santa Cruz, CALinda Mar Beach Pacifica, CAThe Patch Bolinas, CA

Favourite places to grab some food and drink in San Francisco?Endless options since we are talking about San Francisco; however, I will keepmy recommendations based on the surf experience and IndoSoles local hangoutjoints.Outerlands:4001 JudahSan Francisco, CA 94122For the true first time experience, it is preferred to walk into this establishmentblindfolded. Do not seek for descriptions, skip the online reviews and ignoretheir web page. Located four blocks up from Ocean Beach, this is your post-surfeatery. After swimming around in the cold Pacific Ocean, treat yourself to any one of the sandwiches since the house made bread is food critic renown. Orderthe grilled cheese soup combo and embrace the warmth, originality of this seawanderers haven.ZAs Pizza:This is our Pizza joint in the city. Located on the steep incline of Hyde St, Zashas the ideal San Francisco vibe for filling up your belly. I recommend walkingfrom the flats of Market St. and walking up Hyde St to build up an appetite. Thissidewalk adventure will definitely show the contrast of neighborhoods. Sit outsideunder the shady trees and listen to the nearby cable car bells. The service hasa little Brooklyn attitude so come in with witty behavior. The pizza is a thin crustdelight.HemlockThis is our favorite place to grab beers and see cheap live music. The selectionof music ranges, but there is always an influence of punk, folk, psychedelic, noiserock etc. Many San Francisco based bands perform here so one can get an ideaof San Franciscos gritty garage rock scene.

Whats the best time of year to come to San Francisco?Absolutely, without a doubt, September mid November is the best time to visitSan Francisco. Despite the high period NW ground swell and the offshore winds,San Francisco, as a city, is alive. The residents of SF endure the deceivingsummer months that bring wind, fog and the years coolest temperatures. Thereare many great festivals that occur during the fall season so do some researchand plan around them. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, a free music festival, is by faran IndoSole favorite.

Top locals tipsAlways have a layer of clothes with you since the weather can switch in a matterof minutes or city districts. I recommend a light, breathable shell jacket.Getting thereFly into SFO International or Oakland Airport. The domestic fares can be cheaperflying into Oakland and BART, the Bay Area train, has a route into SF. If you aretravelling from Southern California, rent a car and take the Highway 1 route. It willtake a few days, but the California coastline will surly impress you.Getting aroundDont be a a bike. Pick up a bike lane map and a publictransportation map that will include all the bus and train lines for SF.Things to bringAn open mindSafety issuesLike any other urban city, use your street smarts.Places to avoid/not to missAvoid Fishermans Wharf and Union Square.Check out Land Ends, Golden Gate Park and Marin County (across theGolden Gate Bridge)

Why not join the sun tanned local Californians with an awesome adventure holiday? You could even visit Yosemite National Park (news picture), close to San Francisco…