How to get more bookings?

We recently circulated some handy booking stats to our members, and a look at what’s next for us.

Want to take advantage of more bookings? Who wouldn’t?! We’ve looked at the trends and spoken to all the best performers. Here are the top tips:

Invest in photography

It makes a huge impact. More on that here.

Reply fast

Even if it is to decline the enquiry. Customers are always impressed, and often come back with new requirements you can help with.

But not too fast!

Customers love Much Better Adventures for finding friendly, personal and expert local operators. Quick, rushed, officious replies can do more harm than good!

Follow up

Once you have sent a quote, pop the customer a message a day later to see if they have any questions. You can quickly find out their hesitations, and often turn it around.

Keep availability up to date

It pushes you higher up search results, and means less wasted enquiries. How to manage availability.

Check your prices

How do they compare to others in the area? Undercutting isn’t necessary, but being a few £ higher than others for no obvious reason can be a killer. Don’t forget our Best Price Guarantee either (see terms).

Check your products

Are they detailed, accurate and do they cover all the little details about your service, pricing, the accommodation and local area? Customers will prioritise the ones that don’t leave them with doubts or uncertainties. See ‘How to manage your products.’

Game the system!

Our reputation relies on the customer experience, so our matching algorithms are set to prioritise those that reply quickly to customers (even when it is a no), have up to date availability, and convert enquiries into bookings at a higher rate.

We hope that helps. Do you have a top tip or suggestion for us that would help you? Email or pop it in comments below 🙂

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