How do I update my Pricing and Availability?

This article walks you through making edits to your prices and availability following the recent updates to price and availability on the site.


How do I add/edit my weekly pricing? 

In Manager head to your Products and then scroll down to the Pricing tab.


You can confirm the pricing for the products Service & Inclusions by following the link at the top of the page.


To add a new price period, click the ‘+Add Row’ button on the bottom left.

Add row

Then select the start and end period, add a description if there’s anything to highlight to the usual service for that period, confirm the option and price and hit ‘Save Period’.


Keep adding more periods until you have finished the sequence of dates you wish to sell.


How do I add/edit child pricing rules?

In your products weekly pricing section, click ‘Pricing Settings’.


Here you can enable, add and edit all your pricing rules for all your price periods on sale.


How do I add Seasonal Pricing?

Scroll down on your products pricing page and you’ll find the Seasonal Pricing section.


Here, click ‘+Add Row’ and then enter the periods and pricing rules on sale and hit ‘Save Period’.



How do I update my availability? 

In Manager head to your Products and then click ‘Update Availability’ on the product you want to edit.


On the calendar, click the first and last date of the period you’d like to update, it will appear green, then change the number of spaces left then hit Save.


We hope that helps. Do you have a top tip or suggestion for us that would help you? Email or pop it in comments below 🙂

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