Direct Enquiries generate 5x more bookings

Hopefully, you’ll have noticed more Direct Enquiries hitting your inbox recently.

We’ve just done some number-crunching and discovered that customers who make Direct Enquiries are 5x more likely to book versus those making General Enquiries. Good news.

What is a Direct Enquiry? 

A Direct Enquiry is sent to you from a customer that has filtered through the browsable part of our site and specifically picked out your product as a good match.

Direct enquiries on MBA

They are expecting a reply in the form of a quote or a decline within 24hrs.

What does this mean for General Enquiries?

Thanks to the positive start to life for Direct Enquiries, we’ll soon be running more experiments and driving more traffic towards our search results to generate more.

While we work on that, you should expect to receive fewer General Enquiries from us (and hopefully more Direct).

How can you get more Direct Enquiries?

We’re constantly honing our search algorithms to make sure our customers see the products they’re most likely to enquire against AND are most likely to respond to their enquiry up at the top.

As well as the usual attribute filters (location, price, availability, facilities and so on), we take into account business traits such as;

  • speed of response,
  • number of bookings,
  • number of previous enquiries,
  • freshness of availability data, and so on. 

This list is not exhaustive but gives a good idea how you might get your products higher up the results list. 

If there are any bookings not in the system be sure to email us about them so we can improve your score and product ranking.

Note: negative points are added when you don’t reply to Direct Enquiries, so if you can’t help a customer please always remember to click ‘Decline’ when you can’t help.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 17.33.42

Also, as they are in the shop window, please also make sure your Products are looking their very best with the latest HD photos, availability and special offers in place for this and next season.

As ever, if you have any questions or suggestions about any of this just email us at

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