Are you looking for ways to improve your conversion rate on Much Better Adventures? Top businesses convert 14% of the enquiries they reply to. We’ve taken a close look at those companies and have shared 10 key things that work well for them below. If you’ve got advice of your own to share, feel free to contribute in the comments below.


1. Pitch Perfect Products.

Make sure you have all your accommodations and/or tours loaded correctly as individual products.

  • The better your products are set up, the better we can match enquiries to you.
  • The customers will get all the information they need to request a booking without having to ask too many questions.
  • Take a look at your products and put yourself in the position of a customer – would you be ready to click book?
  • Check: Is your accommodation or tour accurately displayed on the map?
  • Check: Do you have a lot of good quality photos?
  • Check: Does the description make it easy for a customer to fully understand your accommodation, services, and key features?
  • Edit: You can add/edit your products here. Too busy? Our team can also help you edit your products, just drop us an email.



2. Format Your Phone Number

Ensure you have added your phone number in the correct format so that our clever phone system can connect customers through to you.

  • The format must be +441234567890.
  • Customers can then call you for free, giving you a much higher chance of generating a booking. 60% of phone calls made via the site have led to a booking – so it’s well worth it.
  • You can add/edit your phone number here.



3. Be Selective

The key is focusing on quality replies over quantity of replies. You don’t need to reply to every enquiry that you receive and should only ever reply if an enquiry matches exactly what you offer. It is probably not worth your while (or theirs) if for instance:

  • You decide to offer a catering service to some who asked for self-catered.
  • Your holidays are over their maximum budget by over £100.
  • Your dates don’t match and they have not stated any flexibility.
  • They’ve specifically said they really, really, really want a hot tub and your chalet with one is not available.



4. Be Personal 

Always make the effort to reply with a personalised message accompanying your quote and product.

  • An offer with a blank message is rarely booked.
  • Reference things you can deliver that they’ve made clear is a preference. ie. ‘We have that hot tub you’re after!’.
  • It’s an opportunity to make a great first impression for your service as a whole.
  • Offer to hold the booking if they seem very keen but need a day to double check with their group (very common).



5. Suggest more than one product if you can 

You can offer more than one product to a customer if you have another option that also ticks all their boxes.

You can do this by clicking ‘Suggest an alternative’ once you’ve submitted your first offer.



6. Submit Crystal Clear Quotes

Make sure what your quote includes is explained very clearly.

  • A lot of the questions that customers ask in reply to offers are clarifying what is included and what isn’t.
  • Often, by the time they’ve had their answer, they’ve found something somewhere else.
  • You can avoid this delay by stating very clearly what the quote does and doesn’t include eg. ‘Our quote includes accommodation, catering and transfers from the airport. It doesn’t include flights’
  • It’s also very useful for them to know which holiday extras you can help with. eg. ‘We can also help you arrange your ski passes, ski guide and ski school’.



7. Avoid Messy Messages

Avoid sending a message to a customer that is clearly just a basic pasted template if they’ve been quite specific with their initial enquiry.

  • Often the information in your template is simply repeating all the key holiday information that is already available in your product.
  • Leave your press and reviews out of your personal message. All this can go in your company profile which is attached to all your offers anyway and is much cleaner.
  • Keep the message thread section just for chatting and answering questions which is more personal and more likely to invite a reply.



8. Don’t include a Website or Email Link

  • Customers already know your company name, they can call you and message you. Adding phone numbers and links into your message just makes things confusing.
  • This also breaks the rules of our Terms of Use. We don’t want to send anyone to the naughty step.



9. Always Proofread

  • Getting the customers name wrong, posting the wrong dates and submitting the wrong product are all easily done after a long hard day at the computer screen.



10. Be Quick. 

  • Reply to new enquiries and comments within 24 hours, quicker if you can – it is the thing that really makes you stand out!


Want to see how your offers look to the customer? Check out our customer screenshot article which walks you through a customer receiving your offer. 


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