If you want to search out some of the best tubes in Europe, then Mundaka, in the Spanish Basque country has to be the place to go.

Famed for holding world class pro surfing competitions until 1999 Mundaka has one of the World’s best left hand tubes, framed by awesome mountains.

Billabong, in conjunction with the Mundaka Surf Club, are returning to Mundaka with The Billabong Mundaka Challenge 2012, a unique event featuring 18 of the best tube specialists – 6 international, 6 European and 6 Basque. Competing over 1 or 2 days, the surfers will be judged on their 2 best tubes, in order to win 15,000 Euros.

The two and a half month waiting period will start from the 15th of January, promising waves with a minimum of 6-8ft height.

Videos and highlights of the competition will be available on themundakachallenge.com within a day of the competition. Below is a taster of what to expect!

Its not just Mundaka which has awesome surf – Spain provides a whole range of great surfing holidays!