Enquiry form enhancements

It’s been a busy few weeks for the dev team. You might have noticed that we’ve been working away on the enquiry form. It’s all change! Our ultimate aim is to only send out enquiries to businesses that will respond.


Front end changes

  • A large single form – A/B testing has shown it to increase the number of enquiries we get.
  • Chalet facilities can be chosen.
  • Travel plans are captured.

Matching engine changes

  • The engine works on preferences rather than absolute matches. This is a major change and should now mean enquiries are more relevant to the businesses receiving them, whilst not completely discounting those without all of the requirements.
  • We only send enquiries for flight inclusive packages to businesses who can offer them.
  • Family specialists will no longer receive enquiries from adults only groups.
  • Large group bookings will be sent through if you have enough total beds in one resort rather than limiting to beds per property.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments or email us direct – hello@muchbetteradventures.com (this is the first of hopefully many changelog blog entries as we try to keep you up to date with what’s going on at muchbetter hq!)

2 Replies to “Enquiry form enhancements”

  1. how are you going to match the price range with specific properties? if we have a luxury chalet but are doing a special offer for example will we not see the enquiry if it doesn’t fall in our ‘price range’?

    1. The price ranges you see in that screenshot are more to give the customer an idea of what ‘Budget’ or ‘Luxury’ actually means in terms of cost. If you have a luxury chalet with a special offer, you would still get the Luxury enquiry – so the customer would be pleasantly surprised with a special offer. We are working on the price matching system at the moment so expect to see some further enhancements in this area in the coming weeks.

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