Dan’s muchbetter Guide to the Perhentian Islands

Why visit the Perhentian Islands?

The question should be, why not visit the Perhentian islands? No matter what you are looking for from a tropical paradise Island the Perhentian Islands have it all. Are you looking for that picture perfect beach where you are the only person there? Then jump on a kayak and explore some of the secrets in store on the big island. If you are looking for some nightlife then longbeach is the place for you.

Sit down on the beach with a glass of monkey juice and hang out with the other backpackers. If you want a quiet resort which is safe for your family then you have to head off to Bubbles Dive Resort.

One beach, one resort and plenty of nesting turtles Bubbles Dive Resort is just the recipe for any family or nature lover. However if you want to do a bit more while you are in the Perhentian Islands then join Help Our Penyus sea turtle conservation project. First learn about the island ecosystems and then spread what you learnt to the children in the village and the other tourists whilst protecting two turtle nesting beaches at the same time.

The Perhentian Islands have it all

Favorite spot for snorkelling in Perhentian?

Seabell. Although the current can be strong the coral around sea bell is the healthiest in the Perhentian islands, watch out for those triggerfish though.

Favorite spot for scuba diving in Perhentian?

Tanjung Besi. Again the coral here is sublime and there have been sightings of big fish here. Some say its tiger sharks others say bull sharks. But whatever they are, they are big, the beautiful coral and the possibility of seeing something big is what makes this my favourite spot.

Favorite spot for macro diving in Perhentian?

Has to be Tiger rock. I could spend an entire dive just searching one rock. If you like nudibranches this would be your heaven, I have seen over 15 individuals on just a single rock. Plus in September if there are any whale sharks around they would pass by Tiger Rock.

Favorite spot for turtle watching in Perhentian?

I found this gem in 2009, Pinang Seribu, on the eastern coast of the big island. Pinang Seribu is my favourite spot to watch turtles because it is the most important turtle nesting beach in the Perhentian Islands.

Favorite spot for sunrise in Perhentian?

Pinang Seribu again, I cannot think of a better way to start your day than with a sunrise snorkel at Pinang Seribu.

Favorite spot for sunset in Perhentian?

Kuala Besut, this is not quite on the islands but is the only jetty into the islands. To see the sunset, at about 6.30pm sit down at the restaurants to the right of the jetty, past the toilets, the one on the end with the concrete wooden chairs and tables, order a shake and sit back and enjoy.

Favorite places to grab some food in Perhentian Islands?

Abdul chalet on the big island.

Favorite places for a drink in Perhentian islands?

Anywhere in Coral Bay whilst watching the sunset.

Whats the best time of year to come to the Perhentian Islands?

The best time of year for me is September

1) there are less tourists

2) the weather is normally clear and calm (literally the calm before the storm, the monsoon hits in November), meaning good vis.

3) the coral is the most vibrant because the coral has the longest time to recover from the previous monsoon.

4) Sometimes the water is not clear however if its not clear in September, particularly the end of September, its because of plankton blooms, and with plankton blooms come plankton eaters like Whale Sharks.

Anything else you need to share for people planning a muchbetter adventure to the Perhentian Islands?

Beware, there are no ATMs on the island. Make sure you draw out enough cash from a small town called Jerteh, about 15min taxi ride from the jetty at Kuala Besut. If not make sure you have your credit card ready.

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