Cyclone hits Tribewanted’s community tourism project on Vorovoro Island, Fiji

We were shocked to hear the news that on Monday 15th March category 4 Cyclone Tomas with winds of 230 kmph (the equivalent of Katrina) smashed into north eastern Fiji. It was the biggest storm to hit the islands since Bebe in 1972 and has affected muchbetter member Tibewanted. A state of emergency has been declared by the government in the aftermath of the cyclone as mass flooding and housing damage has left Fijian villages stranded.On Vorovoro Island, Tibewanted’s cyclone preparation worked well. Everyone on the island rested safely in Tui Malis house. No one was hurt.Now begins the re-pair and re-build. The Grand Bure roof is a serious job and along with a lot of other minor repairs, it is a good couple of months work for a team.Please give as much as you can to help them re-build their village. Even better, go to Vorovoro itself and get your hands dirty in the sunshine now the storm has gone.DONATE TO TRIBEWANTEDClick here to find off beach reef snorkling, total cultural immersion, traditional food and the wonderful people of Tribewanted.