Cycling in Cambodia – Exploring the hidden Cambodia by bike

The average length of stay for a traveller to Cambodia is less than three days Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, and move on. What about the rest of this amazing country?

What about cycling the back roads through rice paddies, navigating the Mekong by boat before visiting a river dolphin conservation project, discovering beautiful waterfalls, remote temples, and learning about development issues while visiting a range of Cambodias non-governmental organizations (NGOs). That pretty much sums up what happens on one of PEPY’s various cycle-based tours of Cambodia and Laos.For adventure-seekers looking to discover the real Cambodia, a bike tour with PEPY Tours is about as real as it gets. No one goes to Cambodia without visiting Angkor Wat, but their eye-opening cycle tours around Laos and Cambodia will also explore places well off the tourist trail, getting you up close and personal with the real heart of Cambodia, interacting with communities and learning about inspiring solutions to local problems.Proceeds from PEPY Tours fund education programs operated by PEPY, which is a US and Cambodian registered not-for-profit. PEPY has been working closely with communities in rural parts of Cambodia for the last 5 years on literacy, leadership, and capacity building initiatives to improve access to quality education in rural areas. A portion of the fee from all PEPY trips goes directly to these education programs and helps sustain their work. The success of these people focused and holistic programs has won them plenty of acclaim, including the 2009 National Geographic Geotourism Challenge Award (which we will be proudly partnering with later this year).While the increased number of visitors to Angkor each year is good for the nations tourism industry, the benefits do not always reach a broad range of people. The influx of tourists can also have negative consequences for Cambodias environment, society, and culture. For that reason, taking your holiday in Cambodia with an organisation like PEPY Tours will ensure your money goes so much further. Proceeds from running these trips not only provide substantial funding for educational programs in rural Cambodia, but are also known for inspiring life changes in the travelers who join them.The legendary PEPY Ride, now in its 6th year, is fast becoming a must-do. Throughout the year PEPY also runs customised cycling and non-cycling tours, tailoring an itinerary and arranging the logistics to match your ambitions, as well as 16 day explorations of the Laos and Cambodia Mekong River regions.You can use the site to find out more and get in direct contact with them. We will never charge you, or them, a penny.For a full range of their tours, visit www.pepytours.comIf you want to discover more about their educational programs in Cambodia, visit

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  1. Cycling tours are definitley the way to go when travelling Asia. It gives you the extra time to explore instead of having to jump in and out of a mini bus all day. It also allows you to stop when you want to mingle with locals. Great article!

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