Countdown to worlds toughest adventure race with a conservation mission

The legendary Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race in Chile is gearing up for its start in 8 days time, and is well worth following.

This year the worlds toughest adventure race marks Chiles Bicentenary with 600km-plus of trekking, kayaking, climbing and cycling in the footsteps of explorers Ferdinand Magellan and Charles Darwin through the stunning Tierra del Fuego region of Chilean Patagonia. Past routes have incorporated the Southern Continental Ice Field, the Torres del Paine National Park, the Strait of Magellan, the Darwin Range, and the Beagle Channel. The race will donate all funds generated beyond the operating budget to conservation projects in the region.

Race organizer Stjepan Pavicic says the value of this race is not only in the physical and mental challenge; it is also in spreading a message to preserve this region. This year that message will be even stronger as the race will pass through Wildlife Conservation Societys reserve Karukinka, the conservation area we collaborate to preserve and develop in a sustainable manner.

He goes on to say “Every year we explore new areas of Chilean Patagonia to make the race as scenic, wild and unexplored as possible, always at the limit of the possible. The historic average of teams crossing the finish line is below 50%, last years race edition it was as low as 30% – so this year is going to be interesting!”

Last years event, won by British (and newly crowned Adventure Race World Champions) team Helly Hansen-Prunesco, proved its reputation as the wildest race in the world when American Team Calleva became lost and had to be rescued after surviving on berries for four days.

We can’t get enough of sustainable adventure inititives like this, and will be following this amazing event with interest. Maybe next year should enter a team…. Any takers?

Check out the official site:

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