Chris of Gemini Lights’ muchbetter guide to Vancouver Island

About the Author

Chris Lai lives in Vancouver and is general manager ofGemini Lights, a manufacturer of LED bike lights.

As an innovative company sourcing far and wide for the latest technologies, Gemini promises to produce superior products without the premium price tag.

Why Vancouver Island?

Because the Island has everything your adventure seeking heart desires. Youve got mountain biking, surfing, white water rafting, sea kayaking, rock climbing, hang-gliding, cliff jumping you get the picture.

And if youre not so much an adrenaline junkie (a wee softie) there are things like camping, snorkelling, rock scavenging and the occasional bungee jump that might suit you.

By the way, if you bungee jump naked itll only cost you $35 instead of $99. Let your friends consider it for you.

Favourite spot for mountain biking in Victoria, BC?

The Hartland. Pack some sandwiches, your favourite sports drink, a camera and your favourite playlist on your iPod (if youre a lone wolf) and head over there. You can throw your bike on a rack and drive there in 20 minutes.

Dont have a car? Find a ride from the SIMBS or Pinkbike community who venture there daily. Riders are always happy to share rides and if you have no luck with finding friends you may be the unluckiest sod in town.

Theres still hope in the form of Victorias Regional Transit System. Reliable and cheap, every bus comes fitted with a bike rack for two. Get on the bus to Royal Oak Exchange and ride your way to the Hartland, Google map in hand. The ride should only take 30 mins and dont complain about the hill, the Hartland is worth it.

As a truly sustainable bike park, there are no chairlifts and there are many different types of trails on offer. To suit all rider tastes, Green, Blue, Black Diamond and Double Black Diamonds are all on the menu.

Bike Hike Adventures also have a great Coast to Coast tour.

Lose yourself in the lush, island forest – I dare you.

Favourite places to grab some food in Victoria, BC?

Wow. Where do I start? The Pink Bicycle in downtown Victoria has unreal burgers on tap. Homemade fries cooked with truffle oil are like nothing youve ever tasted.

Line up at Pagliaccis for the best Italian food in town (Tip: Be daring and start with dessert first. Theyll get a kick out of it).

Want something cheap and quick? Eat at Foo. The best Asian fusion sensation to ever touch your lips. Get it hot and take it with you in your box cube.Just dont eat it in public areas or people will ask you for some.

Favourite places for a drink in Victoria, BC?

Canoe Brewpub. Fantastically located on the retro waterfront of Victoria Inner Harbour, youll find a buzzing brewery pub with a log cabin style interior design. The timber and brick construction give a rustic feel that is complimented by the warm smiles from the gorgeous hostesses. Take a moment to step outside and breathe in the cool fresh air and scenic views of Victoria Inner Harbour.

To guarantee a banger night, bring a large group of friends and order the homebrewed beaver brown ale. Itll top all beaver metaphors that youve ever put your mouth on. Alright, next.

Whats the best time of year to come to Vancouver Island?

Summer. The weather is pristine and the killer whales are always in better moods when you govisit.

Anything else you need to share for people planning a muchbetter adventure to Vancouver Island?

Try staying in an Eco Lodge, Free Spirit Spheres. You sleep in a large sphere hanging from tree tops under the stars. Eco living at its best.

I hope you get the idea. Vancouver Island is a pretty sweet place. All the things I’ve mentioned, I’ve done myself and then some. Theres plenty more… surfing in Tofino is also a blast, sea kayaking by Salt Spring Islands was wicked, camping in Wrath Trevor (one of the national parks on the island) is tonnes of fun too.

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