Self-Catered is the new Catered

You can now add affordable, quality catering to your self-catered ski holiday.

It’s the age-old dilemma for any ski enthusiast on a budget: bargain hard and hope your budget will stretch to a catered chalet, or take the more affordable option of self-catering and spend your evenings in the kitchen, cooking for a group of hungry skiers. But why should you have to choose between spending all your money or all your time on cooking? Surely, a third option shouldn’t be so hard to find?

Enter Chalet Kitchen. It’s not a private chef, and it’s not a takeaway. This is something totally new.


Currently serving Les Gets, Morzine, Meribel and La Tania, Chalet Kitchen is a chalet catering service which delivers restaurant-quality meals to your door. Every meal is prepared in resort and delivered fresh each day. Their strapline declares the service to be Simple, Affordable, Delicious. Let’s see…


Each morning, Chalet Kitchen staff deliver your evening meal and your breakfast option, if you ordered one. When you get home from the slopes, you simply pop the prepared dish in the oven to heat, then serve. Two courses, garnished, ready before you’re even out of the shower.


The meal packages have been designed to offer value without compromising on quality. What you get, then, is six nights’ catering for just 99 Euros per person. If you choose to add seven breakfasts, it’s still only 129 Euros per person. And discounts are available for parties of eight or more people


Chalet Kitchen is owned and run by experienced chefs and they claim never to let anything leave their kitchen unless it is guaranteed to delight diners. For large-scale catering, this is perhaps a bold claim, but their TripAdvisor reviews would certainly seem to back it up.

This season’s menu includes Alpine classics such as Tartiflette à la Savoyarde, local cured meat and green salad, and Burgundy beef cooked six hours, with mushrooms and smoked bacon, baked polenta with carrots and Parmesan.


No doubt, what Chalet Kitchen offer is not quite the white-linen dining experience you would demand when hiring a private chef. Nor is it quite as cheap as a strictly supermarket-only ski holiday. What it does offer, though, is a very workable happy medium where you don’t have to spend the earth on your holiday, or your holiday in the kitchen.


Find out more, quoting ‘MUCHBETTER’:
Meribel Valley & La Tania:
+33 (0) 647 213576
Les Gets, Morzine & St Jean d’Aulps:
+33 (0) 634 382229

Jeremy Jones’ Higher Trailer

Pretty excited about settling in one of these cold dark nights to watch the final installment of the epic Jeremy Jones trilogy. If the trailer is anything to go by, it might make quite uncomfortable viewing at times!

Heading skiing, you’ll want us to get you offers from ski chalets then.

Settling in St Anton

Ever thought about buying in the mountains? This little guest article from Austrian developer Kristall Spaces might help whet the appetite.

When taking a ski holiday in St. Anton, you might find yourself with the notion to settle in on a permanent basis. This one-of-a-kind town is renowned as a small mountain resort sitting on the western side of Austria. And while skiers come here all year long, there are plenty of other nature lovers who enjoy the town for its boisterous hiking, biking and climbing adventures.

If skiing is on your agenda, take comfort in knowing that St. Anton boasts more than 330 miles of pistes, giving you 210 miles of gleaming snow to ski across. Want to get a little more adventurous? If so, there are plenty of areas to go skiing on off-piste routes, but it’s highly recommended that you bring along a local guide. To learn more about the amazing St. Anton, don’t forget to check out the town’s website or our handy guide.

How to Buy a Chalet in St. Anton

Once you get to St. Anton, there’s a good chance you won’t want to leave. If this is the case for you, don’t forget how easy it is to buy a stantonapartmentschalet. In fact, purchasing a property for sale in St Anton, Austria is easier than ever before, especially when you have an experienced real estate
agent in Austria, such as Kristall Spaces, on your side. This type of professional can show you the many chalets available in the St. Anton area as well as help you make offers and negotiate the buying price.

Join Other Expats

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re the first British islander to put down roots in St. Anton. Many expats have turned this dream vacation spot into oneof their permanent homes. And in doing so, many of them have taken advantage of the VAT benefit earned from purchasing an investment property.

The VAT benefit can be earned after you’ve rented out your chalet for 20 years and have made a profit in doing so. You can qualify for as much as 20 percent of savings on your taxes. Chalets in Austria provide you with an excellent investment opportunity that tend to provide greater rental yields than what you would earn off a standard residential investment. And with the Austrian economy growing faster than it ever has for the last several years, there’s never been a better time to take the leap forward and invest in a Chalet.stantonchalet

Setting Up Roots in St. Anton

There’s never been a better time to move to the snowy peaks of St. Anton. This lovely area will envelope you in beautiful scenery. There are plenty of outdoor activities to take part in –toboggan runs, paragliding, and tennis– and as said before, there are even financial incentives for moving here. Austria is the perfect place to turn a holiday home into a new lifestyle.

To establish a new lifestyle in the slippery slopes of St. Anton, you’ll need to embrace the changes with an open mind. From driving on the opposite side of the road to learning the language of the area and getting accustom to meal options, changes will be both large and small. Still yet, with an attitude of welcoming change, you’ll be well on your way to settling into your new chalet in St. Anton.

If authentic cuisine is what you’re in the mood for, St. Anton has you covered. Some of its finest and most popular restaurants include Kandahar Bar & Restaurant, MooserWirt, and Dolce Vita. From fine dining to home-cooked meals, these dining establishments are sure to please your taste buds every time.

Furthermore, other great reasons that people like you are settling in at St. Anton include the fact that there is little crime, the population in all of Austria is only about 8 million, and the holiday hotspots –shops and tourist attractions– are always clean. And of course there’s the most luring aspect of St. Anton; the ski slopes are literally on your doorstep, always beckoning your name.

Chalet owners: Looking to sell your chalet?

Our friends at Cold Fusion Chalets are looking to open another chalet for the coming winter season.

They are a well established chalet company and currently operate chalets in both Chamonix and Morzine and now looking to open another resort to add to their portfolio.

Ideally they want chalets of a high standard with single or twin bedrooms throughout with mostly en-suite bedrooms. Hot tub and sauna preferable.

Minimum size 12 person chalet (6 bedrooms) up to maximum 20 person (10 bedroom).

Budget is flexible depending on standard of chalet. If you have anything of interest please contact Stephen on +33 670 560 676 or via e-mail on

Ski Lift Opening and Closing Dates 2014/15

We thought it might help you ski chalet hunters to know when the ski lifts open and shut for the forthcoming 2014-2015 ski season.

The below dates are subject to change based on snow conditions so it’s best to double check the local tourist office for your chosen resort before booking near the start or end of season.

If you’re looking for a chalet, broadcast your requirements here and have chalets make you their best available offer.

Portes du Soleil


Partially opens: 14th of December

Fully opens: 21st of December

Closes: 27th of April

Chamonix Valley


Partial opening: 7th of December

Fully opens: 21st of December

Closes: 4th of May

Les Houches

Fully opens: 21st of December

Closes: 13th of April

Grand Massif


Opens: 21st of December

Closes: 21st of April.

3 Valleys

Courchevel, Meribel and La Tania

Opens: 7th of December

Closes: 25th of April

La Tania is scheduled to open one week later on the 14th December.


Les Arcs and La Plagne

Partially opens: 14th of December

Fully opens: 20th December

Closes: 26th of April

Espace Killy

Val D’Isere and Tignes 

Opens: 30th November 2013

Closes: 4th May 2014.

The Tignes glacier is already open, closing on the 11th of May.

Tarentaise Valley


Opens: 21st of December

Closes: 21st of April


St. Anton

Opens: 7th of December

Closes: 27th of April



Opens: 1st of June

Closes: 31st of May


Opens: 30th of November

Closes: 21st of April

Rory Mackay’s Solo African Voyage

In the latest in our ‘Your Adventures’ series, Sam spoke with Rory Mackay, a young adventurer who has just completed a solo voyage across the African Continent.  
Beginning in Cape Town, Rory traveled through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. From Cairo he flew to Edinburgh and cycled across Scotland to round things off. Although completed primarily by bicycle, he also hitchhiked a fair bit to spice things up. 
Rory, what inspired you to take this journey?

Africa had always been right up there on my to do list. It is such a raw part of the world to travel through and I felt at my ‘young’ age, this was the time to tackle a challenge of this nature.

The initial spark came from a good friend who asked if I was interested in doing a four wheel drive trip across the continent with him. Having committed to ‘our’ plan, this mate effectively pulled the plug on it with only a month remaining before I flew to South Africa. He had all the cash to by a car, I didn’t. Despite my modest budget, I chose to stick to my guns and attempt the overland trip by other means.

My true inspiration came from a solo cycle across Vietnam that I had completed two years before Africa. The enjoyment and confidence gained from this experience is what gave me the balls to try crossing Africa with my bicycle.

What preparation did you undertake? 

One should really be preparing quite thoroughly for such an undertaking…. I didn’t at the outset due to my change of plan. A lot of my preparation was mental, getting my mind in the right place to be on the road for so long.

Leaving the UK I already had most of my equipment; clothes, tools, the bicycle. Once on the ground in South Africa, I sorted out other issues such as vaccinations and panniers knowing it was cheaper.

Preparation is an ongoing process throughout an adventure, the more prepared you are the less resourceful you need to be generally. I enjoyed testing my resourcefulness.

What are the key bits of kit that you chose to take on the trip? 

When meeting folk on my travels, the first kit related question always pertained to spare bicycle parts. I actually carried very little in the way of spare parts; a few spokes and inner-tubes was about it.

Without a doubt, my bags were the most important items I chose to bring for the trip. Of their contents (aside from my valuables), my map and tools were pretty darn key bits of kit to have.

What were the big highs (and lows –  if any)? 

Suffering from severe food poisoning in Sudan was a definite low moment. It wasn’t so much that my health was very poor for some time, but more that I lost the ability to exercise control over the situation.

There are many constraints traveling northwards there; money is a fixed resource as foreign cards don’t work at ATMs in Sudan and the only way out of the country to Egypt was a weekly ferry. Time is money.

So many highs. Attaining any milestone within the journey was immensely satisfying. Realizing the smaller visualizations within the dream I live.


What advice would you give someone taking on a similar trip? 
Take that leap out your comfort zone and go for it! The experience can be whatever you want it to be.
What’s next, and how can we follow and support your adventures? 

I’ve never travelled through North or South America and have only heard good things, so something unique in that neck of the woods could be next on the agenda.

Around the globe is also on the bucket list, personally that is the trip of a lifetime if done right and is worth building up to over a sizable portion of one’s life.

I am currently working on resolving the documentation of my African exploits, which will hopefully culminate in a book. To follow past, present and future developments checkout my blog and Facebook page for the trip.

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Founding our Foundation at Oxford Jam

We’re excited to announce that we’ve begun planning the Much Better Foundation and are running a ‘HoldUp’ on Wednesday at the forthcoming Oxford Jam to get it off the ground.




The event will be facilitated by the creative folk at MakeSense and will be in the form of a ‘HoldUp’ which is an interactive session to crowdsource ideas and solutions. We’ll be focusing on how to go about choosing a charity partner for our foundation.

We’d love to see you there, but if you can’t make it, do keep on top of events using the hashtags #OxfordJam and #HOLD.


Tracks of the day

Some seriously good looking tracks from CTO Guy this morning in Morzine:

skiing in Morzine in March

Back in work by 11 and on inspired form. Now that is what we call a good working environment!

The Alps had an awesome dump of the snow this weekend, and there are plenty of great deals still to be had…can we tempt you? Check out chalets now.