Updates to Price and Availability

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You may have noticed some improvements to Manager this week.

It’s all part of improving our service and being able to efficiently process bookings and payments online, making life much easier for both you and customers.

Here are the key improvements to managing your Pricing and Availability in Manager:


You can now:

  • Display pricing for all your optional extras. e.g. transfers, lift passes, kit hire, lessons or anything else you offer as a concierge service. 
  • Set Non-Weekly Periods, e.g. weekends.
  • Set multiple prices for individual and sole occupancy bookings for various packages. e.g. Adult/Private Group; Full Board, Half Board, Self-Catered, B&B or Package.
  • Describe any unique pricing information for a period, special offer or not.
  • Apply Seasonal Price Periods if you set your prices by season, e.g. Low/Mid/High season nights/weeks cost £X.
  • Compare all your Past and Future price periods.
  • Validate all your pricing tiers and periods with our new Price Check tool.
  • Set discounts for child prices as a %, e.g.Infant Prices (0-4), Teen Prices (12-17) and Child Prices (4-12). 
  • Set a Single Occupancy Supplement as %.
  • Set Group Discounts as a % based on group sizes. e.g. % discount if groups over X.


You can now:

  • Set a period as unavailable when you accept a booking, in one click.
  • Manage everything on a new, much simpler, faster calendar.
  • Save all your edits automagically.
  • Undo any changes since your last save, in one click.

We hope that helps. Do you have a top tip or suggestion for us that would help you? Email support@muchbetteradventures.com or pop it in comments below 🙂

Trialing direct enquiries

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Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 16.30.35We have just started trialing direct enquiries. We have recently been loading pricing and availability data for many businesses. This new trial is the first major use of this data which, if it proves successful, will allow holidaymakers to chose who gets their enquiry after they have read up a little on the property in question.

During the trial, holiday makers will be shown a selection of available properties for their dates and budget. They can then chose to enquire direct about that product for a particular week.

There are a few subtle differences in how an enquiry will be presented: it will say that it’s a ‘Direct Enquiry’, and will show the dates and property selected. If you receive one of these enquiries, please do take the time to respond or decline as the customer has expressed a direct interest in booking your specific property.

Due to the way we deal with enquiries, direct enquiries will always be the first to be sent out to businesses (by at least an hour), so are a great opportunity to get the first bite of the cherry with someone who is definitely interested in what you have to offer.

You will still receive regular enquiries in the mean time.

We are concurrently rolling out our price and availability editor for businesses to keep that data up to date, and so stop any enquiries for already booked weeks.

As always, we welcome your feedback.

Updating your Price and Availability

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Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 16.26.55

After a few weeks of trials, we’ve launched the ability update your weekly pricing and availability online in your manager area.

Improved enquiries:

  • Only get enquiries for the dates you are still available, and with a closer price match to you.
  • Set weeks you will split the chalet, and weeks you only want sole occupancy enquiries.
  • Set weeks you take short breaks, and weeks you don’t.

We quote for you:

We are trialling direct enquiries right now using this data. We are now showing customers property details before their enquiry is sent out. Meaning they can choose to send a direct enquiry out to you.

It takes no time at all to get started, then editing your availability is easy.

Take a look at your properties and get going now.

We welcome your feedback as always.

There’s been a few changes…

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It’s been a busy few weeks at muchbetter hq. Where to begin!

The major change that was put live earlier this week is a completely re-vamped, re-designed, re-worked Manager – the system businesses use to handle their enquiries and bookings.

It’s been rebuilt from the ground up with the following things in mind:

  1. Speed The new manager is a whole lot faster to load on any connection.
  2. Mobile The old site worked on mobile, but because this new site loads faster, the prospect of answering enquiries whilst out and about becomes a whole lot more appealing. On a ski lift, in the checkout queue, whilst watching telly. Our customers increasingly expect ever quicker responses, so now you can.
  3. Keep it Simple, Stupid Wherever we could, we’ve made the new interface simpler and more streamlined.
  4. Homogonised Design You now see a much closer representation of how the offer looks to the customer. The conversation view is exactly the same as the customers view, as is the product preview.

Some added bonuses

  • Declining enquiries has become easier. There’s a much simpler initial enquiry view that asks you if you want to reply or decline. After choosing either option, you’re taken to the next new enquiry. This will keep your new enquiry inbox clear and we won’t send the reminder email after.
  • Web view counters to see if a customer has clicked to view your site or not.
  • Search for enquiries by name or enquiry number.
  • Get help/give feedback by just hitting the red ? in the bottom right of all pages in your Manager.

We have also been quietly loading accurate weekly pricing and availability for all chalets and apartments (1900 and counting) ahead of some further improvements in the pipeline – more to come on that front soon.

As always, we welcome your feedback in the comments below, or email us!

Reply from your inbox

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The eagle eyed among you might have spotted a new feature release last week: You can now reply to offers and comments direct from your inbox.

It’s been among the most highly requested feature from businesses and holiday searchers alike and is already showing a huge increase in the number of comments each offer is receiving – almost 2x the amount infact!

It’s a double win:
In order to allow replies to offers for the  holiday searchers, we’ve had to show a lot more information about the offer within the email. So instead of having to click through to the TripWall online, they can view all the holiday details, photos and prices direct in their inbox. This has the added bonus of allowing them to forward the emails direct to their fellow travellers.

The only restriction on these emails from a business point of view is that you still have to make the initial offer from within the manager system, but in order to respond to holiday searchers questions, hitting reply in your inbox is all you need to do.

And a bonus for the ski businesses is that you can easily respond from the chairlift 😉

A better TripWall

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Hot on the heals of our email to reply release came the new TripWall. We’ve created a more streamlined TripWall for holiday searchers to more easily share, compare and book offers.

new tripwall

We’ve deliberately not added any new features to it, but we have made it much quicker to load, easier to use on a mobile or tablet device and simpler to do the important things: Ask questions & book holidays!

It will also serve as a new platform for us to add the next set of features we’re working on. These features will be easier to implement and iterate on the new platform, which makes for happy developers, and ultimately happy customers.

As always, thoughts and comments welcome!

It’s good to talk

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We have just launched a simple calling service to allow businesses to call customers when the customer is happy to take calls – after an offer has been submitted.

How does it work?

First off,  the customer must allow the business to contact them. They do this with a simple checkbox when they send their replies:


If a customer has done this,  the business will be able to speak to the customer by calling our special callback number (UK or French national rate numbers) and then enter a special six digit number when prompted:


A phone call is logged in the comments stream along with the enquiry.

The customer is able to revoke the calling ability on a per enquiry basis. If this happens,  the call button will disappear and the code will deactivate.  We do this to protect our customers privacy and give them the power to enable and disable calls.

We don’t charge for the call service ourselves, the only charge will be for dialling the local rate landline callback number – a significant saving over calling an overseas mobile number!

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments!

Enquiry form enhancements

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It’s been a busy few weeks for the dev team. You might have noticed that we’ve been working away on the enquiry form. It’s all change! Our ultimate aim is to only send out enquiries to businesses that will respond.


Front end changes

  • A large single form – A/B testing has shown it to increase the number of enquiries we get.
  • Chalet facilities can be chosen.
  • Travel plans are captured.

Matching engine changes

  • The engine works on preferences rather than absolute matches. This is a major change and should now mean enquiries are more relevant to the businesses receiving them, whilst not completely discounting those without all of the requirements.
  • We only send enquiries for flight inclusive packages to businesses who can offer them.
  • Family specialists will no longer receive enquiries from adults only groups.
  • Large group bookings will be sent through if you have enough total beds in one resort rather than limiting to beds per property.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments or email us direct – hello@muchbetteradventures.com (this is the first of hopefully many changelog blog entries as we try to keep you up to date with what’s going on at muchbetter hq!)