How do I add a special offer?

To add a special offer on Much Better Adventures;

  1. Head to Manager > Products > Pricing.
  2. Select the product with the special offer and go into the Pricing section.
  3. Enter a very clear description of the value of the offer and ‘Mark’ it as a special offer.
  4. Hit save.

Your special offer will now appear on your product, in the search results, and in our weekly deals newsletter if selected.

How do I update my Pricing and Availability?

This article walks you through making edits to your prices and availability following the recent updates to price and availability on the site.


How do I add/edit my weekly pricing? 

In Manager head to your Products and then scroll down to the Pricing tab.


You can confirm the pricing for the products Service & Inclusions by following the link at the top of the page.


To add a new price period, click the ‘+Add Row’ button on the bottom left.

Add row

Then select the start and end period, add a description if there’s anything to highlight to the usual service for that period, confirm the option and price and hit ‘Save Period’.


Keep adding more periods until you have finished the sequence of dates you wish to sell.


How do I add/edit child pricing rules?

In your products weekly pricing section, click ‘Pricing Settings’.


Here you can enable, add and edit all your pricing rules for all your price periods on sale.


How do I add Seasonal Pricing?

Scroll down on your products pricing page and you’ll find the Seasonal Pricing section.


Here, click ‘+Add Row’ and then enter the periods and pricing rules on sale and hit ‘Save Period’.



How do I update my availability? 

In Manager head to your Products and then click ‘Update Availability’ on the product you want to edit.


On the calendar, click the first and last date of the period you’d like to update, it will appear green, then change the number of spaces left then hit Save.


We hope that helps. Do you have a top tip or suggestion for us that would help you? Email or pop it in comments below 🙂

Taking bookings with online payments

We have recently started taking payments for bookings on behalf of our hosts, and are introducing financial protection on bookings too.

We’ve done it to make booking and payment more secure and streamlined for customers, and to make life easier for hosts.

Where hosts are concerned, there are no changes to the way the rest of the platform works. They still receive enquiries and bookings in the same way, and receive the customers contact details once the booking is confirmed.

Instead of the time, cost and admin involved in collecting multiple payments from overseas customers, we simply send them instant alerts when payments are made, and transfer the money to their nominated bank account on a regular basis.

Here’s how it all works:

1. Host sets up the rules

To set up online payments, hosts first set rules for the deposit amounts required to secure a booking, and due dates for balance payments to be made by. They also decide if a trip is available ‘on request’ or is instantly bookable.

If it is instantly bookable, this means the price and availability is guaranteed, and no manual confirmation is needed by the host before the customer’s card is charged for the deposit.

2. Customer requests a booking/card approved

To make a booking the customer will either have made an enquiry and received a personal quote , or will click ‘book’ to proceed immediately according to the listed prices and dates for the trip in question.

To proceed the customer confirms their contact details, inserts card details, approves the deposit payment and agrees to the booking terms provided by the host. Their card is not charged at this point.



If Financial Protection is available on the booking, details will be confirmed with the customer here too.

3. Host accepts the booking/card charged

The host is immediately alerted to this ‘Booking Request’ and can check the details, dates and prices are correct. As soon as they accept the booking request, the customer’s card is charged (the deposit payment is ‘pending’ in the screenshot below until the booking is accepted).

If the host has set the trip to be ‘instantly bookable’, this step is missed – the booking is automatically confirmed and the customers card will be charged.


If the host needs to change the price or other details of the booking for any reason, they click ‘decline’ and edit the quote. The customer is alerted and is asked to make a new payment to confirm the booking again (step 3).

4. Introductions are made

The customer and host are sent instant emails to confirm that the deposit has been paid, and giving each other their direct contact details.

The host may enter these into their own booking system for ongoing management, and can communicate directly with the customer about the booking from then on.

5. Customer pays balance before travel

The customer has a private payment page, from where they can pay the balance in multiple stages anytime before the balance is due, and split payments with their group. The customer is automatically reminded of payment deadlines by email, and we will chase on behalf of hosts to ensure all payments are collected on time.

We send the host an instant update by email each time a payment is made by a customer, so they can update their records elsewhere.

6. Host can make changes and add extras to the total

The host can add things to the booking and change the total balance payment required at any time if the customer requests it, or wants to arranges additional extras like equipment hire or transfers.

If there are changes or cancellations, we will process any payments due back to the customer.


7. Money passed to the host

All customer payments are held securely in a separate account and passed to the host by bank transfer for free. The timing for this transfer depends on the host agreement with us, and the financial protection arrangements in place for that trip.

In summary:

Classic partners 

  • No additional fees or commission are charged to hosts for the service.
  • All payments are held securely and transferred for free to the hosts nominated bank account (less commission) on the 5th of every month, regardless of the date the customer is traveling.
  • Any extras added to bookings later (passes, kit hire, transfers etc) will not be commissionable, we will collect payment of them for a 2% processing fee to cover costs, and payout monthly with other payments.
  • It is possible for hosts to receive payouts weekly instead of monthly, but for an additional 2% processing fee to cover costs.  Contact us to arrange.

Exclusive partners
(and those offering financial protection through us – coming soon)

  • No additional fees or commission are charged to hosts for the service.
  • All payments are held securely and transferred for free to the hosts nominated bank account (less commission) on the 5th of the month, for all customers arriving before the end of the following month, (e.g. receive payment on 5th Dec for customers arriving before end of January, and on 5th Jan for all customers arriving before end of Feb, plus any last minute bookings taken since the last payment in Dec).
  • Any extras added to bookings later (passes, kit hire, transfers etc) will not be commissionable, we will collect payment of them for a 2% processing fee to cover costs, and payout monthly with other payments.
  • It is possible for hosts to request one off payouts (e.g. for a last minute booking) for a fee of £10 per payout. Contact us to arrange.

See terms for full details.

Taking bookings and payments

When a customer wants to book then they will send you a booking request via the platform by clicking ‘Book offer’.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 13.03.23

When a customer sends a booking request, you will get an email notification immediately with a link to ‘Accept or Decline’ on the site:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 13.12.52

When you ‘Accept or Decline’ the request you have the option to leave the customer a message regarding the next steps to confirm their booking:


When you accept the offer, the customer is notified immediately:

booking accepted

You are sent the customers contact details to get in touch to take payment direct:

Accepting bookings

Once you accept this then we will give you the customers email and phone number so you can complete the payment through your normal channels.

We will then issue a commission invoice. Payment will be due within 14 days of accepting the booking. Full details on these terms can be read here.

Quoting and Declining enquiries

This article explains how to respond to customer enquiries on the site and boost your chances of getting more enquiries and bookings.

We understand that you to be flexible and personalised with your communication from the start. We’ve built our quoting system with this in mind.


When a customer sends you an enquiry, you will immediately receive an email notification with some key information.

Click the blue ‘Reply or Decline Now’ button and you’ll be taken to the new enquiry in your Inbox in Manager, where you can send the customer a bespoke quote and message.


Note: Replying to this notification email does not email the customer. Your initial offer should be done via Manager so that your product and quote can be included in your thread with the customer.


Once in Manager, if you can help, click ‘Create Quote’ and confirm the product to offer the customer:

Confirm the date and add the price breakdown.

You can add multiple lines to your quote to make it’s clear what’s included.
Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 16.59.06We do the sums for you automagically.

You then add your personalised message and submit it to the customer:


We notify the customer immediately with your quote and message with a link to view your product and company details on the site.

Making multiple offers

You can offer more than one product to a customer by clicking ‘Create another quote’ once you’ve submitted your first one. Add a second quote

Customers can then reply to you via the site or from within their email inbox:

The offer

Likewise, you can then respond to customers via the site or from your inbox:

Inbox replies

Declining an enquiry

If you can’t help a customer, please click ‘Decline…’ and leave the reason if you can.


Your reason for declining will be passed on to the customer. If a reason is not given a customer will receive an email like this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.44.24

For information about taking bookings, please refer to the customer journey.


If you have any questions about anything please send them to

Managing your products

This article explains how to add and edit the holidays that you sell on Much Better Adventures. 

Your holidays are sold as ‘Products’ which are created for you on request using your website and details you send us when you first join the site.

Please let us know when you’ve added new holidays so we can keep you profile up to date.

There is currently no way to add a new product from within Manager. To add a new product, simply email us and we’ll do it for you.

Everything to do with your products is entirely editable by you.

To access your products go to Manager and click ‘Products’.


Then click ‘Edit’ on the products you want to make changes to


You can then enter each field for your product to make changes

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 09.49.49

Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ at the bottom of every page that you make changes to and then ‘Preview’ when you’re done to make sure you’re happy with how it’s all being presented on the site.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 09.52.08

If you have any questions about anything please send them to


Adding Special Offers

This article outlines the process of adding Special Offers to display on your products. The best 5 offers are sent to our customers in a weekly curated email so it’s well worth adding your deals for the extra exposure. 

To access your pricing page, click ‘Your Products’ in Manager


Followed by ‘Update Availability’


This will take you to your pricing page

availability page

Click ‘Options’ on the right hand column and then click ‘Add Special Offer…’.

specialsInclude your text and new price and hit ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.
Add specials

If you have any questions about anything please send them to


Managing your Calendar

This article explains how to add and edit your pricing, availability and special offers to your products. 

1. Why is it important to keep my pricing and availability up to date? 

Keeping your availability up to date means you get more of the enquiries you want, and fewer of those you don’t.

Also, products that are more recently updated appear higher in our search results and this will drive you more enquiries.

2. Where can I update my availability data? 

Click ‘Your Products’ in Manager and then the ‘Update Availability’ link: Productsavailability

availability page

3. How do I update my availability? Can it be automatic?

If you use a booking management system that can distribute availability, contact and we will look to sync with it to save you the manual work. We are adding integrations with most widely used systems one after another.

Otherwise, you can quickly and easily update it manually. There are two ways you can do this.

a) If you’ve sold some spaces of a given period but still have some availability left, you can just update the Spaces Available column accordingly (ie. from 8 to 2 spaces left).

This will ensure you only get enquiries for that period from groups that are no more than 2 people.

spaces available

b) If you’ve sold the whole period, you can either change the Spaces Available column to 0 or click ‘Options’ and ‘Mark Full’.

mark as full

4. How do I add new pricing and availability periods? 

At the bottom of your product’s availability page, you’ll see the option to ‘Add a period’.

Add a new period

This will create a new line which automatically follows on from the previous period. Select the start date for a new period by clicking the start date and using the calendar.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 14.08.06

Then click the end date for the new period.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 14.08.19You can then update the price for the new period.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 14.08.28
Keep clicking ‘Add a period’ to add multiple new periods.  

5. I have a lot of products, can I bulk upload my pricing details? 

Not yet but we’re working on that. In the meantime, you can send your pricing spreadsheets to and we’ll load them in for you to edit from there.

6. Can I set a minimum group size for enquiries that I receive? 

Yes. Click ‘Options’ and set the minimum group size to whatever number you want. You won’t get any enquiries for any groups below this.

Min size

7. Can I allow for shorter stays in and around our set periods? 

Yes. You can turn this on and off for certain periods by clicking the Allow Shorter Stays under ‘Options’.

short stays


8. Can I change what’s shown as ‘Included’ and ‘Optional Extras’ in my product prices? 

Yes. This can be done below the group size section under Services and Inclusions. Just tick the boxes that apply and hit save. If there are any services not included please let us know and we’ll add them in.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 18.06.29

If you have any questions about anything please send them to