Calling budding volunteers over 50!

We heard the other day that well known over 50’s travel company Saga are calling on Britain’s 21 million over 50’s to put their skills to work and get involved in volunteer holidays.

While we can’t yet vouch for the projects themselves, we think there are many possible benefits to this approach – not least that the over 50’s bring a wealth of experience to each project, far beyond anything a spotty 18 year old on a gap year could hope to bring! They do also claim the focus of these projects in on skills transfer and empowerment of locals, not dependance and job replacement, which is a very important distinction.

In an age of profiteering from willing volunteers, it is also reassuring to note that the volunteer programs are a non profit arm, with all profits going to the Saga Charitable Trust.

Saga volunteers can choose from 9 projects across 5 countries in the developing world – Sri Lanka, Nepal, St. Lucia, South Africa and Zambia. As you would expect from Saga, all volunteers can stay in comfortable hotels, and packages include flights, transfers, accommodation, meals and local support.

You can find out more on the Saga website here.

Meanwhile, we also have a range of volunteering holidays for people of all ages, brought to you by local and ‘muchbetter’ vetted companies. Over 50’s welcome, as are skilled individuals of lesser years!